Gods and Monsters (1998)

I may not be able to maintain my usual flow (such as it is) because as always I’m “watching” the special features as I write this…but this time Clive Barker is involved which inevitably distracts me.

I first saw this movie some years ago and was thoroughly impressed with it, so I half knew that I’d eventually get around to purchasing it, and so I have.

Basically it was my first exposure to Sir Ian McKellen and I was pretty well floored. Brendan Fraser I knew primarily from School Ties which showed him as the object of prejudice–where here he was now the source of it. Because of my exposure to Brendan in that film instead of, say, Encino Man, I’m much more likely to overlook, well, Dudley Do-Right, George of the Jungle, and Encino Man and note moreso his ability to truly act and be pretty darn well good at it.

The film is about none other than James Whale, most known as director of Frankenstein–the 1931 version–and The Bride of Frankenstein, one of the earliest (well known) openly gay men in Hollywood, played astoundingly by Ian McKellen (who apparently claimed to feel ‘very comfortable’ in the role of an openly gay man in Hollywood with a lot of theatrical experience…go figure.)

It is a well timed and paced movie, and very cleverly constructed–one of the “normal” dramas that has subtle hints throughout to the ending that you may not notice until the second time ’round..something I find more impressive in a film like this than those of the “mindfuck” genre.

The film is just bloody wonderful, and I’ve already been distracted a good fair bit, so I guess I’ll leave it at that. I should also note that it was terribly beautiful and heartrending and things like that as well. Just bloody great.


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