Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters for DVD (2007)

How the hell can anyone review this movie? I know, that’s what most reviews even say.

When I have a policy of not ruining things, especially jokes, it’s difficult to review a movie that’s nothing but jokes because it’s too absurd to have a plot. It’s really about like attempting to review the show, too. And would the jokes even work by describing them? Probably not. The great joy of them is the way they suddenly appear and make no real sense, and yet are the right words or actions to make you laugh in sheer surprise and confusion. The joy of the Mooninites is difficult to describe without hearing the voices of Ignignokt and Err, Ignignokt’s condescending drawn out declarations that reek of complete stupidity, and Err’s sped up and high pitched voice filled with anger and self-importance.

What matters more, I guess, is that you appreciate this kind of humour. What kind of humour? Hmm, how do I describe this…it’s irreverent, absurd, nonsensical, pointless, illogical and generally insane. It’s really best to just see the movie or episodes and determine for yourself that particlar element.

It is worth noting, for those familiar, that we see everyone here–down to MC Pee Pants, Oglethorpe and Emory the Plutonians, the aforementioned Mooninites, Dr. Weird and Steve, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future and even Space Ghost! We even get amusing guest spots from Bruce Campbell and Neil Peart (good to know Neil has a sense of humour!). Most importantly, I feel I should note, we get the most awesome cameo in the world from Mastodon, which I will neglect to explain further.

This kind of thing, though, is hit or miss even with fans. You can’t argue someone into liking it, because it’s all about appreciation of a joke. If you don’t get the humour, or even if a fan doesn’t get a particular approach to a situation or joke, then, that’s that. There’s no way to change that mind, really. You could concievably explain to someone what you find humorous and they could re-watch it and now appreciate what is funny to *others,* but you can’t make it funny to them. I will say that I felt the best description is the one I gave to everyone after I got back from seeing it:

It’s like a really long and actually good episode. And yes, it maintains itself pretty much throughout.

That’s all you really CAN say about a movie like this without simply regurgitating jokes and ruining them, or saying the opposite and that you didn’t get it. It’s just that kind of thing, all right?


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