Bullet Train to Vegas

I don’t, by nature, suffer the impulse toward the disciplined: my prior attempts at blogging suffered under a vagary of issues, such as my tendency toward the unfocused, or toward the militantly-intended focus assigned somewhat mechanically, rather than organically. Both lapsed for external reasons–oddly, not so much either of those issues, but at least partly encouraged by them.

Disinterest in maintaining the disciplined style, and frustrating with the disinterest of others in the more random, I let both pass peacefully, though suddenly. The object here is not the same: this is not a blog for the purposes of theoretically achieving widespread attention or interest. In many ways, I would largely prefer anything but. The urge, however, to maintain a record that can be viewed, can more passively encourage pursuing unexpected interests in readers–that remains. And so that’s what this shall be: neither music nor film, nor personal diary, but some sort of muddled amalgamation of all of these, much as I am myself.

The title of this post has little bearing on its contents: it is the title of a Drive Like Jehu¹ single, which I finally got around to listening to my 7″ of today, and it implies travel, as well as a kind of reckless hedonism (the song itself is a bit more mixed, but Vegas is Vegas, so the title’s implications are there, just more convoluted). This is my first mark of rebellion: it’s not carefully selected, it’s just what I thought of that seemed to fit.

¹Jehu is one of the many bands I’m currently fascinated by. John Reis is a former member, and he later became Swami–founder of Swami Records–and also “Speedo” of Rocket from the Crypt,  as well as guitarist for Hot Snakes (amongst many others). The defiant aggression and hardened passion of his stuff (even when knowingly ridiculous, like “Let’s Get Busy”) appeals to me. Being as his stuff hits the range of “post-hardcore” and “garage rock”, it’s a guaranteed hit if done right, and his is.


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