On a ship–a LIVING ship…



It’s no secret that I’m re-watching Farscape, far from it. Nor is it a secret that it is, bar none, my absolute favourite television show ever. There may be objectively superior ones, I often say (let’s say…The Wire…to pick out a random example, by which I mean “not random at all, and probably accurate”), but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I refuse to define favourites by ridiculous objective measures–that’s not how favourites work. I mean, I guess it might for some people, but the reason should still be that it’s the one you like the most. Maybe you like it the most because it does basically everything correctly, or whatever–but, still.

I’ve written a few times on why, often falling on deaf, uninterested, or rather clogged ears.

The people I know whose taste I respect as refined by personal evaluation (not refined by external cultural measures, a stupid and useless way to refine your own interests and understanding, at least, in an exclusive capacity) nod thoughtfully when I explain the reasons I readily rate it (even in those “objective” senses) over a lot of the similarly-appealing kinds of shows (you can read that as “Joss Whedon shows” and you won’t be wrong, really). It’s the only instance I know of where characters truly drive a fantastic (in the “fantasy” sense, rather than the quality superlative) kind of story and universe. Where artificial relationships aren’t shoehorned in, overly-predestined¹ fashion, forcing plots to force characters to force the goals of writers. No doubt the writers had goals, but it felt more like they were following the characters’ natural instincts, and finding the conflicts in those, rather than manifesting conflicts for them to respond to.

On re-watching, I’m just absolutely stricken with how much Aeryn Sun reminds me of someone I very much cared about in so many endless ways–the kind of attitude, philosophy, response to change, the way she responds, reacts, so much of it just jaw-droppingly familiar and, well, accurate. It’s only emphasizing my appreciation of the show itself, and of my reasons for that appreciation, which were centered on the way the characters are written and portrayed anyway. I admit, it’s the “closest” I’ve felt to a television show–less that kind of “Gosh, I feel bad about this situation and these characters I like,” and more “Oh, please, do not do this to her, I see how she can and will survive this but really should not have to suffer it.” Yeah, there’s all kinds of crossed circuits and confusion in that response, and it’s subjective in the extreme, but it doesn’t change the fact that all of those things have happened because of the nuance of that character.

In large part, I started writing this random-ass blog so that I could write somewhere that didn’t lead me to forbidding myself to address my personal connections in anything but vague ways, while also allowing me the freedom to talk about the things I find interesting in the world that can be shared–the point where these things blur, because, without the personal portion (and, indeed, it is very much “without” one would use to describe my life in its current and probable perpetual state²), the rest is what fills that role for me anyway. It’s the music, the sharing of music, the discussion, the conversation, the interaction, the exploration, the debate, the analysis (if a bit “soft”)–the same for movies, television, games, the emotionally dry but entertaining anecdotes and experiences, that seem to define the thing that I call “myself”.

So here I break that rule of all my “formal” blogging, while not utterly abandoning myself to “online diary” at the same time. Take from this what you want or will: I don’t find myself disheartened at the absence of readership, for this is something only present for the truly interested anyway, as no one else would have reason to bother.

¹I’ll concede John and Aeryn are a given from the pilot, but it’s not at all carried off as such, despite the hints. It’s like a “This person is attractive,” response, rather than “Oh…I think that may be the love of my life, but I am not sure yet.”


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