And here we have the record haul from Record Store Day:


The top row is all new, but not exclusive. The next row is all used, the next is all exclusives, as is the final and then the 10″s. The 7″s are thus: new, exclusive, used. There’s one other used single that I forgot to include because I was playing it. And I had to retake the picture as it was, because the first version came out blurry.

And now, for fun, some awards!

Most Unsurprisingly Rare Despite Pressing Size


Source: Schoolkids
Artist: Atmosphere
Title: Lake Nokomis
Format: 12″ Maxi-single picture disc

The aforementioned questionable conversationalists were looking for this release. Didn’t know Eyedea, Doomtree–seemingly utterly out of touch with even the specific scene of Twin Cities hip-hop. Deary me. Didn’t recognize Slug there, nor Ant on the other side, nor realize it was a (maxi-)single. Baffling. In any case, 5000 of these (I have #1,205), but I saw zero of them all day after I left Schoolkids–I wasn’t looking, obviously, but still noticed none.

Most Unsurprisingly Rare, and Un/Surprising Find Location


Source: Bull City Records
Artist: Of Montreal
Title: Satanic Panic in the Attic
Format: 2×12″; 180g, 1 blue, 1 yellow.

I was thoroughly unsurprised when I didn’t see this at Schoolkids (or anywhere else throughout the day, actually). Finding it at Bull City was both surprising and thoroughly not: if it were to be anywhere, the store owned by the guy who told me about Level Plane and who was with me on Am Rep? Yeah. Still, he had a handful of them, still, by the time I got there. Weird place to find it, but logical place for it to remain unpurchased, I guess.

Most Accidental Purchase


Source: Bull City Records
Artist: Cave In
Title: JupiterAnomalies Vol. 3
Format: 12″+12″

I didn’t actually realize this (or another record) was being released today (er, yesterday). I mean, technically, I’m not sure they were. But Chaz ordered them in and said they were on his list. I’m not complaining. He mentioned an “extra LP” and it failed to click, but when I looked again, I realized that white cardstock sleeve holds Anomalies, Vol. 3. Oops. No complaints, of course. Weird series, though. I have Vol. 1 (also a 12″), while Vol. 2 was a CDR. But this has their cover of “Dazed and Confused” (Zep-style, of course) to act as companion to my copy of Coalesce’s There Is Nothing New Under the Sun.

Most Hesitant Purchase


Source: Schoolkids
Artist: fun.
Title: Point and Light
Format: 10″ ‘rainbow-coloured’

I don’t think I noticed this was released either, but then, I wouldn’t, these days. I thought and thought and thought and finally decided: 1) it’s the good period of fun. (before Some Nights) and 2) it might end up worth something and then I can sell it. I dunno. Still not entirely sure. Still bitter about Steel Train. I see a Mars Volta sequel in my future.

Most Expensive Purchase


Source: Schoolkids
Artist: College
Title: Northern Council
Format: 12″ frosted clear with 5 art prints

I knew about this one and promptly forgot it. College is one of the artists who appeared on the Drive soundtrack, and I’ve followed since. He’s a little more straightforward electronic than, say, Kavinsky. Invada stuff (the label that distributes their stuff) is absurdly expensive to import…this sucker was $35, but then, it always is, really. Oh well. Not displeased, but would’ve been happier otherwise, of course. Didn’t see them anywhere else all day, either.

Happiest surprise find


Source: Bull City Records
Artist: Botch
Title: Unifying Themes Redux
Format: 2×12″ orange/white swirl

This is the other release I knew I didn’t expect (if you will), but I did have waiting on my note of stuff I’ve ordered as something that was hinted to be released. The other one Chaz also mentioned was on his list and not so for the rest of us. Who knows? Unlike the Cave In, this is nicely coloured. It also has a stunning post-hardcore version of Carl Orff’s O Fortuna with simply ridiculous drumming. Wins all around! (It’s a compilation of their 7″/compilation/etc tracks)

Best Deal


Source: Earshot
Artist: Hood
Title: The Lost You
Format: 2×7″

This isn’t an exclusive, and wasn’t from RSD (ever!). But I found it in the back of Earshot’s used 7″s, still sealed (!) and picked it up. They insisted that, though it’s sealed, they bought it from a customer, so it fell under their used-less-than-$10 sale terms, and gave it to me for $3.75. Nice!

Most “Oh-God-I-Crossed-A-Line” Purchase


Source: All Day Records
Artist: Snapcase
Title: Designs for Automotion
Format: 12″ clear orange

I saw this the last time I was in there, but they had all their used stuff on sale. I already own it on blue vinyl, and so another copy was silly in the extreme, but on sale and a different colour and c’mon, Snapcase?! So I broke down.

Most Unexpected Used Find


Source: All Day Records
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Title: They Might Be Giants (aka The Pink Album)
Format: 12″

I don’t think it ever even occurred to me that I might see this record, period. I’ve got Flood, and the issues of Factory Showroom and John Henry pressed recently, but this was just cool. On sale, too!

Most Expensive Purchase (Used)


Source: Edward McKay (W-S)
Artist: Mercyful Fate
Title: Melissa
Format: 12″

MF’s first full-length, and the first record to come out of Roadrunner Records. It was a question, and the store was closing. I’ve been meaning to listen to the album anyway, so I decided it was justified ($25 is not bad for this record, and this copy is barely touched, barring some major scuffing on the bottom seam of the sleeve. I have no idea why they kept this in their collectible locked box with no protective sleeve, but you can see I’ve rectified that).

Most “Dammit I Really Need to Listen to Them” Purchase


Source: Edward McKay (W-S)
Artist: Shai Hulud
Title: That Within Blood Ill-Tempered
Format: 12″ picture disc

I’ve already been meaning to listen to them more, so this seemed like a good excuse.

Most “Fuck It, Whatever, Yeah” Purchase



Source: CD Alley
Artist: Graham Parker
Title: The Mona Lisa’s Sister
Format: 12″

Parker’s version of Sam Cooke’s “Cupid” has been stuck in my ears forever because of my father, and “Don’t Let It Break You Down” is nothing to sneeze at either. An unusual find, a nice looking copy (except the sleeve, but that gives it charm!), $3. Why not.

Most Likely to Incite Rage from Doofy Ignorant PeopleImage

Source: All Day Records
Artist: U2
Title: 11 O’Clock Tick Tock
Format: 7″

Whenever people hate U2, this is the song I’ll probably point them to, as it’s not a familiar one to…most everyone. It’s one of the tracks that makes you say, “Ohhh, they really were a post punk band…!”


The other titles I picked up on vinyl, by location:

Schoolkids:  Pussy Galore – Pussy Gold 5000, Drive-By Truckers – Dragon Pants EP, The Cure/Dinosaur Jr – “Just Like Heaven”

Nice Price (Raleigh): The Church – The Church (a slightly modified version of Of Skins and Heart)

Offbeat: Alejandro Escovedo – Big Station

Bull City: Dntel – Life Is Full of Possibilities (deluxe), Jawbox – Grippe, White Hills – So You Are…So You’ll Be (with bonus EP), Pelican – Forever Becoming

CD Alley: Minus the Bear – This Is What I Know About Being Gigantic, The Murder City Devils – The Murder City Devils (collection complete!)

All Day Records: Cosmic Psychos/Melvins split, the dB’s – The Sound of Music

Earshot: Grant Hart – Every Everything: The Music, Life, & Times of Grant Hart  (includes DVD documentary)

And last-ish, the CDs picked up much more randomly (I don’t think there were any released for RSD, strange though it may sound strange to think they might not be):

ImageWith three exceptions all used.

fye (Winston): 3OH!3 – Streets of Gold, Shriekback – The Dancing Years, Onelinedrawing – The Volunteers, Drive Like Jehu – Drive Like Jehu (I own it, but it was a new copy for $3.99! in an fye!!), Morphine – Cure for Pain, The Beta Band – Hot Shots II, Tricky – Mission Accomplished, Alice Donut – Pure Acid Park

Offbeat: Small Faces – Ogdens’ Nut Gone Flake (deluxe), Of Montreal – Daughter of Cloud, The Stooges – the Complete Funhouse Sessions (yes, I went there…)

Nice Price (Durham): Chokebore – Motionless, Blondie – Parallel Lines, Tommy Keene –  In the Late Bright, Knapsack – Silver Sweepstakes, Pere Ubu – St Arkansas and Pennsylvania, I Hate You. – Discography 1995-1998, The Black Heart Procession+Solbakken – In the Fishtank 11, Luna – Superfreaky Memories, Kind of Like Spitting – Old Moon in the Arms of the New

CD Alley – Riverdales – Storm the Streets, Cavity – Supercollider

fye (Greensboro): Ben Weasel – Fidatevi, The Folk Implosion – One Part Lullaby

Oh, and my prior post mention the completely nonsensical purchases:


A number of books I’ve been meaning to check out (Grendel, Starman, the Valiant stuff), some stuff I’ve been meaning to get forever (Akira, though it’s the last two volumes and I still need the first four…), and some more Clive Barker adaptations for my collection. And some Zippy, of course. Also: a small book of “new wave” album covers, because whee.


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