Ah, What Words?

I’m listening to Robert Allen’s Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack right now (man, that was a killer set of low-rez music!), so I haven’t fun words to fill a title.

I also don’t have the experience of seeing the Whigs up close and frighteningly personal: vehicular troubles meant they had to cancel–but that did mean I walked away with a free copy of the album on CD, a couple sandwiches, a Coke, and a magnet and stuff, so that was cool. I also made the rounds as expected and found some unexpected joys–Forgetters on vinyl, the Small Brown Bike/Casket Lottery split (always good to cross titles off the standing list!), Botch’s An Anthology of Dead Ends on 10″ (!), and a slew of other stuff, god help me.

I also just discovered Les Disques du Crepuscule has re-released The Only Fun in Town and Sorry for Laughing both on vinyl (incoherent sputtering–go!), and some unreleased Josef K demos! WHAAAAAAAAT?!

This is going to be a rough bout of not-having-a-job…and I haven’t even started it.

PS: at one store, I found a copy of a disc that had a bonus disc I was interested in. Turned out the “main” disc was missing (oddly this was actually idea, since I own the album), but was priced to assume it was all present. After confirming a price change was cool, the person who confirmed it pulled out a ball-point pen and scrawled it right into the sleeve on the case. I winced and said “I wish you had not written on it.”

“…Are you serious?”


Pull out the Clorox wipes, remove the ink and part of the sleeve’s colouration (sigh) and of course cannot fix the indentations. I’m still a bit miffed at the incredulity of “…Are you serious?”
Of course I’m fucking serious. You just unnecessarily damaged the object I was purchasing from you right in front of me. Why the hell would you ever do that? I mean, there’s a sticker on it. Shouldn’t that be an indicator that, oh, I don’t know, you shouldn’t fucking write directly on the packaging? Yeah, it’s used, it’s missing a disc, but why make those flaws worse? Bizarre. Irritating, too, obviously.


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