“Sir, you’re an expert on analysis, I can see you running scenarios in your head.”

Wow. Just…wow. That is a really, really terrible line of dialogue. It’s like “Show don’t tell” illustrated on purpose, only it wasn’t on purpose, it was just incredibly terrible dialogue. Wow. Wow.

An “A” rating?! Are you on drugs AV Club? SERIOUS drugs?

That said: throwaway references that add up to nothing–and let’s be clear, that’s nothing, until such time as the writers lose track of the idiot threads of “plot” and “character development” they are pretending to now, the show jumps its own perceived shark and becomes “FotW”-fodder and references are turned into “reality” purely to try and attract viewers who are exactly like the AVClub writer talking about Man-Thing incessantly as if that line was meaningful in any way, shape, or form.

And if I were a Man-Thing fan, I’d be way more concerned that they’d go the Deathlok route, and make it a shitty-looking version of a shitty-version of the character. Which isn’t exciting at all.

But then, I didn’t piss myself over the appearance of my favourite character in the world in a much better setting: I realize immediately that the risks were greater than the rewards on that one. At least, based on how things have been established thus far. Fan-service bullshit, except it isn’t even for fans. If I were a huge Deathlok fan, I’d be crying myself to sleep nightly at this point, as they will never redeem the (quality) of that character.


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