You Run for Cover in the Heat, Why Don’t They…

Today is a record day for sure, until it’s a Godzilla day. The more specific elements of my record collection’s sorting are currently on my plate, which means lots of listening (yay!). So far it was hitting up my introductory Whigs album (In the Dark), which I had not yet listened to my copy on vinyl of, which I purchased in Atlanta. Bit of a teensy skip (no dice on cleaning, alas!) but nothing serious. Still a pretty damn rockin’ album, which I sure as hell bought for good reason.

It was while listening to the first one that I naturally began to flip through everything and be reminded of what I have, and so much good and interesting and exciting stuff I haven’t gotten to. But I decided to go slightly familiar after that, with The Fixx’s Reach the Beach, in part thanks to House of the Devil (strongly recommended, and review by me here), in another part thanks to Kyle and his newfound love of 80s synthpop (my “told ya so”s echo into eternity), and of course because he was pointed to them by the same movie, which hinges an excellent scene on that big, big hit, “One Thing Leads to Another”.

I’ll try to sneak in Graham Parker’s The Mona Lisa’s Sister before I head out for dinner and Godzilla, but no gurantees. Ah, well. Still a good time!


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