Well, I decided that perhaps I ought to see Guardians of the Galaxy. I had a number of issues with it: James Gunn is Troma alumni (watch out for the Lloyd Kaufman cameo, if you do see it!), but he also scripted the abysmal Dawn of the Dead remake (which failed mostly with regard to its script […]

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I Don’t Need Pride of Place, But in Your Good Books I Think I Might Rate a Page

Is it frivolous to comment on things when I should theoretically be commenting tomorrow, in the passionate throes of New Books Are Out Wednesday¹? Well, of course, the answer is: who cares? So, onward and upward! Most important news is, I’m afraid, music-related, and not comic book related: after comments, photos, and statements insisting that […]

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Wednesday’s New Books

This was supposed to be published days ago. Been havin’ some WordPress issues recently… Because I haven’t been reading comics for, oh, I don’t know…ten years?–barring stop-offs for trades, collections, and occasional cliff’s notes, anyway–I have an interesting dilemma on my hands when it comes to new books. A bit of time spent with, ah, […]

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New Titles and Some Other Stuff!

Yesterday I got in my copy of Braid’s No Coast on vinyl, which means I release myself to listen to my digital copy, too (why I have this “rule”, I don’t know–I guess so the vinyl has freshness, like sticking to getting something the day it’s officially released. Some ritual is nice!). It’s really good, living […]

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“Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos”

Never in my life have I more wished not to possess a variant cover. My increasing interest in The Superior Spider-Man is constantly tempered by my utter loathing for the craptabulous art of Humberto Ramos and his play-doh people. Luckily the issues I was most interested in (the ones that involve good ol’ Miguel O’Hara) use Stegman […]

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