Boxes That You’re Watching Day and Night



I’m at that interesting point in the day. I want to go snatch up the issues of the original Ambush Bug series I saw at one shop, and I want to get issues 10 and 12 of Avengers Arena to finish the series (I devoured 1-9 last night, see cover of #1 above). But I have 2-3 packages (confirmed: 3) arriving today, too. And some stuff arriving at that second shop. So it’s all timing, but I can’t actually time that timing. I can’t know when things will arrive here–which means mostly sitting around and waiting all day and hoping I don’t either miss the doorbell or have a carrier who decides it’s not even worth bothering. It’s normally 3pm or later, so I could leave now, but that second shop gets their deliveries more like 1-2pm.

I’ve got issues of X-Men to read (I’m finally reading the un-adjectived book from the beginning and up to issue 5 or so), and games to play obviously, but I just want these things out of the way so that I can get on with the rest.

Since Aquaman #4 came in yesterday (it’s Peter David’s, c’mon) I could even start picking those up today to read while waiting.

Arena is a mess for people who read Avengers Academy and Runaways it seems. I’m cool with the ideas in both, but didn’t read either, though Hopeless’s writing is already drawing me to all the characters, so I don’t think it’s actually too important to have read them.

X-Men is better than I’d gritted my teeth and squinted for–a lot better. I think people were good with Claremont’s adieu, but the follow-ups are a mish-mash of writers. They’re the books I retain from earliest in my life, though (coverless and beat to hell, but present!) in their random presence (#2 and #5, I had I think?). There’s something straddling nostalgia and the nostalgic feeling of wandering into the middle of something–as well as filling gaps and re-reading with more knowledge–that makes these really fun to read. Knowing more about Mojo and Omega Red and Maverick, and being able to actually read better (and comprehend significantly better) makes for an interesting experience.

In other news, I’m really digging on “Bang”, the single Braid gave as an immediate download for pre-ordering their new album. Which isn’t a surprise I guess–but it means Frame and Canvas  is definitely “queued” for my going-out-today music. Probably inspired by that article about “90s punk” on the AV Club yesterday that was like reading a laundry list of everything I’ve been into musically of late, with the comments filling in whatever gaps might’ve been left behind, as everyone interpreted the term very broadly (including multiple waves of emo, post-punk, post-hardcore, hardcore, metalcore…).

Ah, well.

Back to figuring out how to hedge my temporal bets.


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