I’ve Been a Straight-Up Ghost, Since You Wrote Me Off

WP_20140711_001lblSo, the packages I was awaiting arrived! With numerous additional items that also happened to arrive! Sort of.

I knew that three of them were coming (Aquaman, GJBR order, and Mile High order) while the Forgetters EP was a total mystery (I received no communication from the seller after paying) and Tar Man was pretty much an unknown (though I am 99% sure I know who’s responsible).

That said: Mile High fucked up, but, as the image suggests, I won’t go into detail. Suffice it to say, they have some issues with listing for two admittedly confusing volumes of a book. And, of course: I pre-ordered a Maxx (with hat and coat!) that was to come with a Mr. Gone. I’ve not received The Maxx yet (awkward; Mr. Gone was a nice bonus, but the figure is iffy enough that this isn’t at all ideal), nor any notice, and I didn’t get a response to the one e-mail I sent them, either.

Oh well.

#12 there was not damaged, but that board is never gonna be flat. Well. Maybe it will. I switched it out for another book to keep my bag/board size consistent for Aquaman, and then stacked it in with some others. Maybe the weight will do the trick. Maybe not.

I labeled the Firestorm books for fun. I’ve yet to bag, board, or even read any of them. At this point, I’m effectively waiting for a more complete run, since I’m pretty darned close. And I buy bags and boards by the 100 anyway, so…

Alongside this, I ended up going out and picking up more “curiosity” books: some of the “Agent” run of Venom (mostly the latter half), some of the post-Thor (Sif-oriented) Journey into Mystery (all of it, actually, except #646 and #647 that started the run), and, somewhat curiously, FF 1-15 (minus 12).

Michael Allred’s work was intriguing with Madman, though I’ve never read it–but put me off X-Statix (nevermind the title…). I don’t know what it was about FF (maybe the characters involved?) but it caught my eye and I accumulated most of its 16 issue run yesterday pretty easily. That said, I’ve sped through the first six or seven issues and I have aFF1Allred feeling of dread. I really don’t want this book to end. I like everything about it–Fraction’s humour is on-point without being overbearing or making it a pure comedy book, and his pathos and angst and drama are all fun. His skewering of expected nuclear families doesn’t come off as preachy, so much as the kind of accepting that such things should be. And Allred’s work is just perfect for this tone–it’s weird and pop-art-y, but it doesn’t distract or detract, as it works for the humour and for the darkness of Scott Lang’s story (and dear lord help me, Scott Lang is a really cool character). It’s straightforward but complex, plot-y, but also character-y, funny, but serious–all the right kinds of contradictions, basically.

It’s a miserable shame it only lasts 16 issues. I guess maybe it’s the “right” length, I don’t know–Avengers Arena was 18, and I finished it yesterday quite satisfied.

But, you should definitely pick up FF if you get the chance. It’s pretty unmistakable, after all. And fuck those Amazon reviews.


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