“Variant Cover by Humberto Ramos”

Never in my life have I more wished not to possess a variant cover.

My increasing interest in The Superior Spider-Man is constantly tempered by my utter loathing for the craptabulous art of Humberto Ramos and his play-doh people.

Luckily the issues I was most interested in (the ones that involve good ol’ Miguel O’Hara) use Stegman pencils. Whew.


I’ve sat here and read a number of miniseries just because I could–Damage Control (v4, the post-World War Hulk one), X-Men: 198, and soon to be Hellstorm: Son of Satan.


I’m thinking very emphatically about picking up…well, almost all of Thunderbolts tomorrow, as I know where to get an enormous chunk of it for $1 a book. Sorely tempted.

All of this is kind of (sort of) connected in that said variant cover was for an issue of Remender’s Venom, which I found myself suckered into reading. This Venom appears in Secret Avengers at some point (oh, yes, I’ve got that run now, too…) and the prior one in Thunderbolts, all of this pointing back to the other “Spider-associated title I almost ignored then suddenly found intriguing” which is Scarlet Spider, with our dear friend Kaine appearing in New Warriors at some point. Whee!

What have I done to myself.


Oh, and that box? That’s 59 issues of Justice League (International/America). Hoorah!


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