Today: Thunderbolts! Tomorrow: THE WORLD!

Eh, not really.

I did pick up a huge (huuuuge) stack of Thunderbolts today, though. Alongside plenty of other stuff (naturally!).

I’ve spent the day picking over Scarlet Spider especially (oh so happily, but I’ve been running roughshod over missing issues and can’t take it anymore–that maaay be what tomorrow is “actually” for). Glad I also picked up New Warriors up to now (the current volume, that is). I also read Hunger (which I felt vaguely cheated on, not realizing it was an Ultimates book, but, it was good, so I can’t complain too much).

I’m about to finally crack X, which I have a subscription to already for some reason, despite not reading any of it. I don’t much care, I guess–I’ve been pleased with everything I’ve picked up so far.

Which also points me toward Matt Fraction’s fucking Hawkeye, which I read the first issue of on a whim, and at the end realized I’d just stuck myself with another book. Great.


On an unrelated (musical!) note, I’m pretty sure at this point that Blake Schwarzenbach is my spirit animal. Forgetters have been sitting right with me at this particular stage of my life, where Orange Rhyming Dictionary did the same for many moons previously. All hail the Blake!


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