New Titles and Some Other Stuff!

Yesterday I got in my copy of Braid’s No Coast on vinyl, which means I release myself to listen to my digital copy, too (why I have this “rule”, I don’t know–I guess so the vinyl has freshness, like sticking to getting something the day it’s officially released. Some ritual is nice!).

It’s really good, living up to the rather excellent lead ‘single’ “Bang”.



Most of what I did while listening to it was sort my now 10ish longboxes (yeek) of comics. But it showed up around Wednesday, which means new comics! I started on Hawkeye thanks to reading the first issue online (I have a bad feeling about 2,3, and 7, the issues I couldn’t get a hold of…). I also picked up She-Hulk #6, which meant I finally read the new series yesterday–holy cow, it’s really good. Pulido’s art is the kind of creative layout usually reserved for the “indie” segment of independent books, experimental and unusual. Wemberley took over on the last two issues and kinda got into that same territory as Andrade did on Captain Marvel (not a great thing here, either–mostly just disappointing after Pulido’s four issues, though I understand Javier is thankfully back for at least the next few).

My modern Valiant collection continues to grow and remain thoroughly unread–I should probably do something about that, but I stopped off first to read X finally (my Dark Horse Heroes reboot books–also ignored!) and it’s also really, really good. Swierczynski keeps X in a nicely unclarified ground of being someone superhuman but humanly breakable, brutal and unrelenting, but not completely super powered. And the swirling corruption seems to be keeping itself light on its feet without turning too obviously toward cliché or expectation. I’m really looking forward to the next issue of that one.

As it stands, I’m currently pouring over Byrne’s Sensational She-Hulk mostly, while still trying to get everything sorted.

Valiant gets its own box, and D.C. has two (one is the “colour box”, as it contains Blue BeetleBlue DevilGreen Arrow, and Green Lantern), and there’s probably going to be a box of “other stuff”–but Marvel is proving to be a pain. After acquiring all those Thunderbolts, and all the X-Factor from Peter David–they kind of dominate boxes they go in. I worked out X-books in their own box (a tight fit that won’t last at all), but everything else is still kind of funky. Spidey was gonna be its own box (with Venom, Scarlet Spider, and the like), but that means I’ve got Midnight Sons stuff and Daredevil with unclear homes.

I guess I’ll figure it out eventually…


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