Everyone Says Sooner or Later You’ll Reach the End

It’s We…Thursday!

I was entirely too caught up in finally getting into all those Valiant books, so I didn’t write a thing here yesterday on the new stuff I picked up.

Let’s start this off with a nice, straightforward bullet point-type list:

  • Hawkeye #19
  • All-New Ghost Rider #5
  • X-O Manowar #27
  • Armor Hunters: Harbinger #1

So, despite the voracious reading yesterday, the last two are off the table–I’m not that far, yet.

Hawkeye, I’ve mentioned, suckered me in almost entirely by accident. I’ve got (and thus read) all but #2 and #3, and I really love the series, as most people do. Much like my stated affection for She-Hulk artist Javier Pulido, David Aja helps to make Matt Fraction’s writing stand out. The book has experience numerous experiments in story-telling already, and this week was no exception. The events of recent issues left Clint with severe hearing damage, so much of the dialogue is “inaudible” to him, and thus us. ASL would help in understanding the book (!), though I’m woefully ignorant. Still, the characters remain as engaging as ever (Clint, his brother Barney, everyone in Clint’s building…with at least the one sad exception) and the storytelling is not mired in its “gimmick” so much as shruggingly stuck with it to fit Clint himself. No let downs here.

All-New Ghost Rider has been strangely slow: we’ve just finished the first (I just confirmed, though I was given reason to believe already, not the last, thankfully) story after five issues, which ran at a steady but somewhat slow clip. But that can be blamed, perhaps, on the stunning art and layouts of Tradd Moore, like this transformation:

The story was, to be honest, kinda so-so. Mr. Hyde was brought in and made shockingly effective as a villain (apologies if he has fans hiding…somewhere…), but I think Moore carried the whole thing. That said, the news that had suggested to me that we have at least one more issue coming, was wrapped around an artist change. This is obviously worrying–the book already concerned me on the subject of longevity, and the idea of an artist change made me even more worried. But I looked up Damian Scott–the next artist–and was not overly concerned:

A stylistic shift, certainly, but fitting for the book–fitting on the one level, because of the setting for the book, but not entirely, in that this isn’t graffiti-influenced art that loves self-aggrandizing, territory-claiming tagging, but the stylistic choices of the far more artistic segments of the stuff. I think it may work out well, but perhaps Scott will tone himself down for the book–who knows?

I’ve got little to add for you on those two Valiant books, as I’ve said, but here’s the nice wraparound for the Armor Hunters: Harbinger mini, by, I believe, Robert Gill:


That’s it for new stuff this week–I imagine I’ll have some commentary on the Valiant stuff I have been reading (I just finished the Harbinger Wars crossover before passing out last night) at some point here.

Today’s title comes from Oingo Boingo’s “Out of Control” from their first “no-Oingo” album, Dark at the End of the Tunnel.


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