I Never Strayed from You My Dear, but You Suspect I’m Somewhere Else

Just for fun, my planned reads for the week, outside new issues:

I’m already almost done with it, but Peter David’s The Atlantis Chronicles is definitely on the bill, to be shortly followed by Aquaman: Time and Tide, like, you know, it’s supposed to be. Then, of course, Peter David’s Aquaman “proper”.

I just read Scarlet Spider #3, as it came in the mail today, putting me one issue away from completing the series (and also tying a bow on Venom, as it’s an issue from the admittedly “meh” Minimum Carnage storyline–but, hey, at least it isn’t Maximum Carnage.)

I finished Justice League International (as in, the one that came out of Justice League and precedes Justice League America) and am thus in a place to begin both Justice League Europe and Justice League America (note: no “of”).

I just got in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #110, too, which means I can work on re-reading most of that run (a few gaps, to be fair, but with all the other reading…shouldn’t be a problem to halt as needed).

Daredevil: End of Days I may need to look into (insofar as, well, “How much does this tie into Bendis/Maleev’s run on the core book…?”), but otherwise, it’s the remaining complete Daredevil work I’ve got hanging around.

And lastly, I should get back to the original run of Moon Knight, as I’ve got large chunks of ever subsequent series queued up behind it.

This is sort of off-the-cuff and all–moods shift, and I currently don’t have a reason to emphatically organize my reading around anything other than my whims, so that’s how it’s going to end up right now.

This title is from Sugar’s lovely single “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”, which was found on their full-length debut Copper Blue. More classic stuff, folks. I actually like the chime-d-y nature of the other song with “change” on the title from the same album (“Changes”) more, but what are ya gonna do.


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