What’s On My Shopping Radar

I decided on that title, because “My Christmas List, Part 1” has some implications that aren’t what I intend. I just thought it would be neat to break down what I’m eyeing strongly and why¹ to give some insight into the ever-shifting weirdness of my interests.

So, without further ado, here is “Part 1,” also known as, “The Stuff I’d Buy Right Now If I Had the Finances to Allow for It Alongside My Regular Stuff and Intend to Slowly Acquire Anyway, Though They Are Mostly New-Ish Releases”.

(In no particular order)

Shiner – Starless (on white-haze blue vinyl)

($20.00 + shipping)

Oh, come on. Look at it!

Shiner is cool. I meant to see them in Kansas City earlier this year (they’re from there!) but wanted to be social and see the Torche show (I think it was) with folks here (maybe it was the Melvins?). I picked up The Egg (not to be confused with “Egg”, my favourite Alice Donut song, which I think of, because it’s in the catchiest parts of the song) a while ago, and the last, apparently, CD copy of this album they had at the time (it was their display copy!). This is kind of a reflex thing in that respect: a bit of completion, a bit of “nice colour choice!” (I like it when they feel appropriate for the art), and a bit of “This is not a common band, and I want to support this, and it might not be made in enough copies to linger indefinitely.”

Unwound – Empire

($55 + shipping)

The last Unwound set for Numero Group. I have all three of the previous ones (without the bonus discs available only when ordering direct from them that I was unaware of–argh!), and they’re spectacularly well packaged, and have the only Unwound bonus material there is out there (that I know of, at least). This one has the neatest, if I recall, of bonus discs, hence my hesitant stepping away when I’ve seen this in-store. It’s demos instead of a live show (live shows are ranked dead last for bonus material in my book). Completionist, good band, nice packaging (this is a theme, I guess!)

Luna – 92-99


While this is largely the Luna material that I haven’t developed as strong an affection for (the last two and EP inbetween are up in my top releases ever), this does include The Days of Our Nights, which is in the era I like most (toward the end). That said: RARITIES. EXCLUSIVE RARITIES. I’m always a sucker for those…even if this includes Bewitched, a Luna album I already have on vinyl (curses!). It is, however, as yet un-priced. Terrifying. (also, it’s all fucking white vinyl, but that’s fine, because there’s no other option here).

Baroness – Purple (Deluxe Bundle (3 shipments) + AccessPass)


It’s the new Baroness album! With all kinds of ridiculousness! This is how I generally buy new releases! This is still a pre-order until 12/15. I’m hopefully going to hop on this soon, as it makes me nervous (most of these things make me nervous, to be honest). I want to get a half-black, half-purple copy to go with my green/yellow copies of Green and Yellow (duh). More shirts? OBVIOUSLY. Extra picture discs, and both CD and LP copies? NATURALLY. (I’m mostly afraid sales will just…end, and I won’t even have the option, you know? I keep trying to find an end-date…probably the release date, yeah?)

Bill Baird – Earth into Aether

(£10.99 CDx2/£19.99 LPx2 + UK shipping, unless the US store is open by then)

It’s Bill Baird! Need I say more?!

Okay, yeah, probably. Bill Baird was one of the minds behind SOUND Team, who are responsible for what is still probably my favourite song (“The Fastest Man Alive”). I’ve collected whatever I can of his material since they imploded and he decided to do whatever the hell he wanted, having tasted the big labels and had the bitterest experience of all. That said, this doesn’t actually come out until August next year. So…this one I’ll probably wait on.

Dan Friel – Life

($13 CD / $16 LP + shipping)

It’s Dan Friel! Need–yeah, yeah, okay.

Dan Friel was one half of the core minds behind Parts & Labor. They did Mapmaker, that album I always tell you was the best release of 2007. I’m just behind here, because I play this stupid game where I pretend local record shops will get in the releases I want to buy (it’s actually 50/50-ish). I don’t order stuff that I (imagine I) can find in a record shop. I’m stupid like that. Friel is wonderfully noisy, yet melodic. The best! (this is basically a new release. that I want. pretty straightforward)

Hammerhead – New Directionz

($20 + shipping)

An ex-AmRep² band releases a new album after years and years! 20/500 copies left on white vinyl! Fuck! I should probably get on this one! (This satisfies my itch for stuff that I both like and is unique, interesting, unexpected, and not common)

Various Artists – Planet Home Series, Vol. 1

(28,00 € + Ger shipping)

Arctic Rodeo Recordings does good stuff. These are an exclusive-track set of 4×7″s, including J. Robbins’s (Jawbox/Burning Airlines/Channels/Office of Future Plans/Producer of shitloads of records I love, including my favourite record) Leatherface and Cop Shoot Cop covers, and some stuff from Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids/New Amsterdams). And it includes a charitable donation to Terres des Hommes! This is hovering right under my cursor for a purchase. Their stuff sells out pretty regularly.

Steel Pole Bath Tub – Tulip (Green/Yellow Vinyl)

($20 + shipping)

More AmRep² ³! A remaster of a classic (okay, cult) album, on pretty vinyl. Another one where I like finding a record that isn’t the same shit you see in every store, but that I notice anyway because I actually like it. Sure, I like the Beatles and Zeppelin, but it’s not exciting to tell people you have those things, or to pull them out and lovingly caress them and then listen to them. I can’t let this disappear and fully expect to see another show up someday. That’s crazy talk. Once it’s gone, it’s probably just gone.

Die Nerven – Lots of Things!

(€ 14,75 CDs / € 1{5,6},75 LPs)


Die Nerven! Sweet German band introduced to me via AmRep²! I have Fun on vinyl, but plan to get it on CD, and both other records in whatever format I can. Out is their new album, and I still haven’t heard their first (Fluidum). Out is a “standard new release” for me, which means it hits “just buy the damned thing”, but I haven’t gotten to it. Otherwise, this is a really unique band, to be able to say, “hey, check out this thing I can almost guarantee no one has mentioned to you, that is really cool.” Enough people are interested in what I recommend that that seems valuable.

Plus, you know, I like them myself, right?

Christian Fitness – I Am Scared of Everything That Isn’t Me & Love Letters in the Age of Steam

( £8 per CD, plus shipping)








Andy Falkous of Future of the Left and Mclusky!
That’s enough to do it right there! I literally just found out about these today, but that changes nothing. They do, then, however, fall into basically “new releases and completionism (see: Falkous)

Usagi Yojimbo Saga, Vol. 3-6

(Price varies, but available readily–Amazon, etc)









These suddenly started coming out faster than I could dole out ~$80 (MSRP) for them. I have 1,2, but 3 and 4 are out, 5 is out in a few weeks, and then 6 comes out next year. JEEZ. They are collected editions, but I’ve been after the series for years. That said: I am, I think, partway through Vol. 1? (it’s actually the second set, so it’s further than that, but nevermind that confusingness). So, while I’m concerned about them hitting OOP status and becoming more expensive, I’m also clearly pretty lazy on these.

And there you have it. The stuff I’m constantly considering buying right now.

There’s also a plastic mannequin head for my Doomtree Duck mask, though. But nevermind that.

¹Though, also, to move on into what’s on my actual wishlists in the world most emphatically, in response to the fact that people find gifts directed at me are colossally difficult and confusing. For a variety of reasons, this often means I don’t like receiving gifts, because I’m not prone to returning them, and then everyone’s uncomfortable. So, basically: this is not a solicitation. I won’t be held responsible if you choose to take it that way. Obviously, using this, you’d theoretically do pretty well for yourself with me and all…but I’m still not asking. Or suggesting. This is basically for my entertainment (as most things I write are).

²That’s “Amphetamine Reptile”, a Minneapolis noise-rock label I’ve developed a strong affection for.

³So, SPBT actually wasn’t directly on AmRep, they were mostly on Boner when they were still super indie–but they were revealed to me via AmRep’s venerable Dope-Guns-‘N’-Fucking in the Streets series. So, it counts.


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