What’s on My Shopping Radar (Part 3: Discogs!)

The stuff I have marked on Discogs is probably the most “simple” in many cases, and down to a matter of “I think it might be cheaper to buy here than on Amazon–third party sellers either way, because it’s not readily available otherwise.”

Plain Ol’ Albums on CD

Slim DunlapTimes Like This (Medium Cool Records, Restless Records – MCR 89277) CD, Album

Former Replacements guitarist, his first album, The Old New Me, is awesome. I have this one on the RSD exclusive 2xLP “combo” with that album, but I have no digital copies. Based on the benefit album for him after his stroke (Songs for Slim, which saw the reunion of the ‘Mats), I want it. Plus, you know, I’ve heard it on vinyl. Though I think Patterson Hood’s cover of “Hate This Town” is ridiculously good, possibly better than the original.

The Celibate Rifles

Nicke Andersson of the Hellacopters was once interviewed on some Australian MTV-type thing, and the host said “We don’t have any rocking bands like you Scandinavians, man!” and Nicke was like “Pffft.” and named a whole slew of sweet, rockin’ Aussie bands, one of which was the Celibate Rifles. I occasionally stumble into these records on vinyl (I’ve got Roman Beach Party and The Turgid Miasma of Existence) but they don’t exactly see U.S. releases, and certainly not in stores.

EdselStrange Loop (Merkin Records – MM 329) CD, Album

If anything should be clear at this point, it’s that almost everything I’m interested in traces back to something most people (I would hope) know I like. Here? Edsel once did a split with Jawbox. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that that’s enough (it is enough), but I also liked their track (“Penaluna”) and the albums of theirs I already have. This is the only one I don’t. They also did some singles on DeSoto (run by members of Jawbox) and Jade Tree (a label I trust pretty implicitly).


The Hellacopters / Gluecifer

Ah, my treasured “70s hard rock throwback bands from Scandinavia” section. Nicke of the Hellacopters is mentioned above, they did a split with Gluecifer (see, right there! I don’t have either one), I love their stuff, I love the Gluecifer I occasionally stumble into, and, oh, they also did a split with the Murder City Devils. There’s not much more to sell here, okay?

The HellacoptersHead Off (Toy’s Factory – TFCK-87431) CD, Album 2008

The last Hellacopters album. Japanese release with bonus tracks. “Last” in the sense of “last before they broke up” as well as “last one I don’t own”.

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line DisasterThe Royal Society (No Death Records, No Death Records – MCD60097, 986 864-0) CD, Album

Though they have a ridiculously long name, EMBBLD are awesome. I found them via early-mid seasons of Nevermind the Buzzcocks when lead singer Guy was on the show. They had clips from “Psychosis Safari” on there and it was great. This is the last album of theirs I don’t have.

Fancified Replacements! (no, not those Replacements)

Drive Like JehuYank Crime (Swami Records, One Little Indian – SWA115, TPLP321CD) CD, Album, RE

Bonus tracks!

SnapcaseDesigns For Automotion (Victory Records – VR100) CD, Album + CD, Enh, Bon + , Ltd

Bonus CD!

Death – Human (Relapse Records – RR7166) CD, Album, RE, RM + 2xCD + Ltd, Num

(Another) Bonus CD! Out of print! Limited!

Compilations and Boxes

The Posies recorded Frosting on the Beater, which is in my top 10 albums (period), and Jon Auer recorded The Year of Our Demise, which is probably somewhere up there, too. This is a collection of rarities, demos, and so on. It includes, in fact, some stuff from the aforementioned group album.

Compound Red had their album Always a Pleasure recorded by Jawbox’s J. Robbins. This was endorsement enough. That said: I am not entirely convinced this CD exists. I have a digital copy. I don’t know if there are physical ones.

City of Caterpillar are one of the awesome bands that came to me recommended by Chaz from Bull City Records over my love of Hot Cross–their original label was Level Plane, which is where this record (and City’s eponymous studio album) were released.

The Hellacopters! notoriously, they released vinyl-exclusive tracks a lot. Those are not on here (they’re vinyl-exclusive, remember?). This does, however, include a boatload of non-album b-sides and compilation tracks. Oooh, my favourites!

Serious Rarities on CD

Nazz – Nazz (Castle Music – 06076-86362-2) CD, Album, RE
Nazz – Nazz Nazz – Including Nazz III – The Fungo Bat Sessions (Castle Music – CMEDD866) 2xCD, Comp
State Route 522 – Retrospective (Status Recordings – none) CD, Comp
Stelvio Cipriani – Solamente Nero (Original Soundtrack) (Lucertola Media – LMCD 005) CD, Album, Ltd
Various – Dope-Guns-‘N-Fucking In The Streets Volume 1-3 (Amphetamine Reptile Records – ARRCD 1/61) CD, Comp
Various – Dope-Guns-‘N-Fucking In The Streets (Volumes 4-7) (Amphetamine Reptile Records – AMREP 008) CD, Comp
Various – Excursions In Ambience – The Third Dimension (Astralwerks, Astralwerks – ASW 6119-2, 26119-2) CD, Comp

Ranging from 1-2 discs, these are all items that fetch a fair bit of money, if they can even be found (State Route 522). Some are not too bad (there’s an $8 cutout of the first Nazz album) and some are pretty awful (the Cipriani soundtrack, performed by Goblin, generally goes for $50+).

Nazz – Todd Rundgren before he was solo. Bonus tracks galore! Sold my original, barebones copy of the debut and have yet to replace it.

State Route 522 – one of the many Seattle splinter bands, related to Minus the Bear and Sharks Keep Moving. Ridiculously hard to find.

Stelvio Cipriani – this is deceptive. Though composed by Cipriani, this is performed by Goblin. Now it all makes sense, right?

Dope Guns… – Amphetamine Reptile’s compilation series that introduced me to a variety of bands, and includes bands like Jawbox (the reason I’m aware of it in the first place)–and is the reason I’m familiar with AmRep in the first place.

Excursions in Ambience – The only digital copy of Aphex Twin’s “‘Stone in Focus'” track. It was on the UK-only 3xLP pressing of Selected Ambient Works Vol, II, my holy grail of music some fourteen-fifteen years ago. The CD pressing lacks that track (the US pressing lacks yet another track–and that 25-minus-2 track edition is what recently got repressed on vinyl, as what I can only assume was a stupid, shitty joke).

Serious Rarities on LP

City Of Caterpillar – City Of Caterpillar (Level Plane Records – LP-36) LP, Album
The Posies – Frosting On The Beater (Geffen Records – GEF 24522) LP, Album
Jets To Brazil – Orange Rhyming Dictionary (Jade Tree – JT1038) 2xLP, Album, Ora
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Good Health (Matador – OLE 624-1) LP, Album, RE
Pretty Girls Make Graves – Good Health (Hand Held Heart, Sound Virus, Dim Mak Records – HHH 016, SNDVRS 09, DM 033)016, SNDVRS 09, DM 033) 3×7″, Cle + Box, Ltd
Sound Team – Marathon (St. Ives Records – SAINT11) 12″
These Arms Are Snakes – Easter (Second Nature Recordings – SN066) LP, Album, Ltd, Red

City of Caterpillar – as mentioned above, a Level Plane band (see the label in parentheses?) thus associating them with Hot Cross. This is a good thing. They happened to have Darkest Hour’s original drummer for a while, at that.

The Posies  – My favourite Posies album, and one of my favourite albums period. Really, really rare on LP–so far as I can see, only promotional copies may exist. Possibly only European promotional copies. Giant pain in the ass to find as a result.

Jets to Brazil – this is my favourite album. You know, period. There are some nice coloured issues that would also hopefully be in better condition than my rather beat up black vinyl one. Orange is the best, obviously. On multiple levels. This one is on par with Frosting for rarity/price. Pretty horrifying. Going for ~$50-70 you have to get it as soon as it’s listed, if memory serves for the range. It usually hangs out at ~$100

Pretty Girls Make Graves – Yeah, it’s the same album in two editions. The 3×7″ version is pretty awesome, and makes sense for the album (especially as it is only ~30m long). The other is more of a “Well, maybe just get it on plain LP…?” only it’s also out of print and also rather pricey. Bloody hell! I listened to this album over and over immediately after first hearing that. It’s really, really good.

SOUND Team – This is Bill Baird’s opinion on the pinnacle of his band. While it doesn’t have my favourite song (of theirs, also of all)–“The Fastest Man Alive”–it does have pre-big label versions of the tracks that would appear on their, well, big label album–Movie Monster. I love the album anyway, and Bill thinks these versions are better. Pretty limited and thus rare.

These Arms Are Snakes – Relatives of Botch, Minus the Bear and loads of others, and super fucking awesome. I was sure I’d like them but first found an album here in Omaha 2 years ago and realized I’d suspected entirely correctly. There are some nice coloured versions around, but it’s rare on LP in general.

Singles with Unique Tracks

Ryan Adams

  • New York New York (Lost Highway – 172 223-2) CD, Single, Enh
  • This Is It (Lost Highway – 602498621493) CD, Single
  • Wonderwall (Lost Highway – 602498630983) CD, Maxi
  • Wonderwall (Lost Highway – 602498630976(11)) CD, Maxi
  • So Alive (Lost Highway – 986 1610) CD, Single, Enh, CD1
  • So Alive (Lost Highway – 986 1611) CD, Single, CD2
  • Easy Plateau (Lost Highway – 602498831441) CD, Single
  • Let It Ride (Lost Highway – 602498818336) CD, Maxi


  • My Little Beautiful (Planet Mu, Planet Mu, Virgin – PLUD4, PLUD 4, 7243 8 94299 2 3) CD, Single

Ryan Adams – Of course, I got into DRA in late 2011. I rocketed off into almost everything he’s released pretty damned quickly, especially considering his prior-to-solo band Whiskeytown’s album Strangers Almanac is another Top 10. He is one of the few modern artists to do extensive non-album b-sides–not compiled at this stage, so…

µ-Ziq – I type µ-Ziq often enough in Windows that I have the ALT-code for the unicode mu character memorized (ALT+0181). He’s probably my favourite electronic artist, or at least second. This is a period of his work I’m actually a big fan of.

Rare Self-Released Items

Cave InUntitled (Not On Label – none) CD
Johnny WhitneyAcoustic Mixtape Vol. 1 (Crystal City – none) CD, Ltd, EP

So, this still happens sometimes. Cave In are a hardcore turned post rock turned hardcore again band that’s really good. I have almost everything they’ve recorded…except this. They did splits with Piebald and Botch. Good company.

Johnny Whitney is one of the two vocalists from the Blood Brothers (the one whose voice I like more, no less!). He was also in Neon Blonde, Jaguar Love, and The Vogue. Deep connections to that crazy, tangled Seattle scene going on here. Last of his side projects that I don’t own, hey?


Bash & Pop / His Name Is AliveSoil X Samples 10 (Warner Bros. Records, Soil X Samples – PRO-S-6107, 10) 7″, Promo, Single, Blu
Various – Post Marked Stamps (Tree Records – none) 10×7″ + Box
Melvins13 CD Box Set (Ipecac Recordings – none) CD, Album + CD, Album + CD, Album + CD, Album + CD

Bash & Pop are Tommy Stinson’s post-Replacements band. Their only album, Friday Night Is Killing Me is yet another that’s somewhere in my Top whatever (okay, maybe it’s more than ten, now that I think about it…). This song isn’t on there, and it’s really, really good.

Post Marked Stamps was a 7″ series that includes a boatload of bands I love: Braid, The Get Up Kids, Cerberus Shoal, Aspera Ad Astra, Ida, Tim Kinsella, Compound Red, A Minor Forest, Rainer Maria…I’ve got a few of these, but this box contains all of them, and a bonus 7″! Awesome!

Melvins – lol. This thing is so rare and so large it just goes for $1000. This will never happen, and I’m basically okay with that.

Really nice Colours…!

ConvergeAxe To Fall (Deathwish Inc. – DWI98) LP, Album, Ltd, Tri

I already have this album, on both formats. I even have it on a crazy highlighter yellow LP. But this tri-colour (and a half/half with splatter) are so amazingly on-point with the cover art that I’m tempted anyway.

“Yeah, Sure, I Guess”

Coheed And Cambria

Husking BeeFour Color Problem (Ini – inir-0007) LP, Album
KavinskyOutrun (Record Makers – REC86LTD) LP, Album, Ltd, Num

Coheed and Cambria – Famously my favourite band, but these singles are pretty extraneous. Usually a demo version on the b-side of a major studio track. Eh, right? It’d be cool, but these are pretty low priority for me.

Husking Bee are one of the bands I learned about from the Hana Otoko compilation–a tribute to the Elephant Kashimashi. My favourite of theirs is Variandante (“Makafushigi Thesis” is stupid good). This is mostly a sort of, “Ooh, neat! A Japanese band on vinyl!”

Kavinsky – this is my #1 driving album, but I do already have it on LP. This is just a fancy pants version in a hardcover book with glossies for the fictional movie it’s the soundtrack to.


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