Current Television “Pull List”

I’ll leave this for posterity: it has changed significantly since I first wrote it a few years back. Some shows ended. Some I lost my ability to watch happily. New shows started.

Regardless: I don’t talk about television too often.


I don’t have cable, satellite, or even bother with an antenna. As a result, I watch everything on respective network websites (and don’t watch anything that’s not on network television, as a general rule). My taste in current television tends to be exceptionally weird. Things that many find are thoroughly tired at this point, things that people think are under-rated, things that people think shouldn’t have ever aired, and sometimes things people love I loathe (this happens a lot, to be fair).

So, with all of that in mind, here’s the list of things I watch/plan to watch regularly:

  • Arrow (Premieres 10/8)
  • The Blacklist (Premieres 9/22)
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Premieres 9/28)
  • The Flash (Premieres 10/7)
  • The Following (Premieres ??/??)
  • Modern Family (Premieres 9/24)
  • Parks and Recreation (Premieres ??/??)
  • Shark Tank (Premieres 9/26)
  • Supernatural (Premieres 10/7)

Masochism (shows I watch despite mostly disliking them, but appreciating the comfort of rhythmic existence, and or twisted desire for self-flagellation):

  • Big Bang Theory (Premieres 9/22)
  • Agents of SHIELD (Premieres 9/23)

Long since unable to stand either of these.

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