Alien Legion, Vol. 1 (1984)

So, Alien Legion. I’m five issues in and wrestling a bit. There are some great ideas, some strength to the world-building, some complexity to the characters and perspectives–but a bunch of things just keep kind of wiggling in. I’m addressing them because I feel the need to vent this as I go.   A Good […]

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Goliath (2016)

My inclination is generally not to review things like television series–not even one that’s self-contained into a generally delineated block like a miniseries. It’s a lot of ground to cover, a lot of hours, and an experience that relies heavily on the sequential knowledge  of the series itself and the obvious room for events to […]

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On the Mutual Exclusivity of My Favourite Comics Characters and Mass-Production (So to Speak)

I’ve just finished a re-read of Lucifer, the Mike Carey Sandman spin-off that was first recommended to me over a decade ago, that I picked up for a brief handful of single issues in its initial run on that recommendation, and then gathered in the earliest days of my lengthiest occupational foray, as purveyor of written entertainment […]

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Starter Kit

Aggressively personalized (but not saturated by my more eccentric tastes), this is my Comic Book Starter Kit. The assumption is made that you are familiar with the “core works”¹, at least in name, and that almost anything anywhere will recommend them to you if you bring up comics. Some other caveats: This is Western-focused. That’s […]

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What’s On My Shopping Radar, Part 2 (Not Actually on Current Radar)

Or: Music Part A – 80s (lots of it), “General” Indie, Japanese completism, and a pinch of metal Now we hit on my actual, notoriously intense, wishlist on Amazon. Because it is largely about “filling the gaps”, it’s pretty easy to condense some of the time, as will become obvious. It does, however, address those things that one […]

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What’s On My Shopping Radar

I decided on that title, because “My Christmas List, Part 1” has some implications that aren’t what I intend. I just thought it would be neat to break down what I’m eyeing strongly and why¹ to give some insight into the ever-shifting weirdness of my interests. So, without further ado, here is “Part 1,” also […]

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My Week [or so] in Music

Well, this is awkward. You’d think I’d slip up due to a dearth of content. Instead, three albums came out alongside my normal reading, and it comes with commentary on gaming, too, because why wouldn’t it? First, the music: Released [last] week were Hate Eternal’s Infernus, Ghost’s Meliora, and The Sword’s High Country. Either you’re into modern metal […]

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My Week in Media

Hello! I’ve been pretty significantly away, having moved across the country to take up a new job and finding a bit of a social life alongside it. Normal concerns–cataloguing my collections and experiencing them in their given manner (reading, listening, watching, playing)–are also difficult to get around, but a revived digression from social media and […]

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Blue Devil #5 (October, 1984)

So, Zatanna and Dan let Nebiros out of his demon dimension and he disappeared off to Mexico. That’s not great. From the Justice League station in orbit, we get our last glimpse of the now suspiciously legless Ralph Dibny (with also a pretty horror comic-looking shot of Ralph’s face–thanks Paris and Gary!) The cover wasn’t […]

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