The Ox-Bow Incident (1943)

In essence, the presence of Henry Fonda was enough for me to decide to watch this film. Fonda’s the kind of actor who is just always worth watching (at least, in all my experience), and a film like this has a strong enough reputation in and of itself that it made it a no-brainer. Of […]

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Red River (1948)

“Take ’em to Missouri, Matt.” I’ve heard and read that quote a few times now–first I read it in Garth Ennis’ Preacher, one of the John Wayne quotes Jesse Custer’s father had him repeat as he tried to raise him with an appreciation for the Duke, and later in The Last Picture Show where the […]

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The Third Man (1949)

The first advice I have for you is simple: don’t read anything about this film, including what I’m about to write, before you watch it. I could attempt a review that didn’t spoil certain elements, but it would be terribly, terribly difficult and fail to address the movie itself, really. Obviously this means there will […]

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Blue, White and Perfect (1942)

I’ve now seen all four of the currently released Michael Shayne pictures from the 1940s, and I’m almost completely out of steam to review them. There’s not a lot of differentiation because they’re b-roll pictures that acted as companions to bigger budgeted main features. Shayne (Lloyd Nolan once again) is now confronted with a girlfriend, […]

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Sleepers West (1941)

I’ve already reviewed two Michael Shayne Movies (Michael Shayne, Private Detective and The Man Who Wouldn’t Die), so my comments on the two remaining films (this one and Blue, White and Perfect) are going to be limited. Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan, as usual) returns for another caper, this time carrying a key witness in disguise […]

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It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Oh yes, here we go–R.C. is reviewing It’s a Wonderful Life, another Frank Capra movie and we just know he’s going to love it. No, I’d never seen it before–really. As I watched I knew I had not, in fact, seen anything more than a famous shot from the end that plays on a television […]

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The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (1942)

Michael Shayne is allegedly the “quintessential private investigator”–or perhaps the alleged quintessential cliché of one. He was the star of several Lloyd Nolan B-roll pictures in the 1940s, which consistently did their job as secondary films in a feature. Michael Shayne (Nolan) is still the smart-alecky Irish detective we know from his title role in […]

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The Big Sleep (1946)

While The Maltese Falcon and his turn as Sam Spade may be Bogart’s more famous private detective film and role, The Big Sleep is a close runner up, thanks, in no small part I’m sure, to the presence of his mistress/wife (she played both roles–in reality–during the extended filming), Lauren Bacall. I was tempted to […]

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To Have and Have Not (1944)

The film that paired Bogie and Bacall. What do you say about that? A film that starts an offscreen romance that lasts until one of the actors dies? Well, I guess I’ll figure something out. The first thing I noticed about this film (apparently, as many note in reviews, Howard Hawks directed it on a […]

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