Touch of Evil [Restored Cut] (1958)

Anachronistically, I forever find myself singing the Judas Priest song whenever I think of this movie. Of course, timing aside, this makes no sense: the Priest song is intensely sexual, which is not really relevant here. But the mind does as it will. Nonsensical associations aside, this is hardly an obscure film. I’d heard of […]

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A Bucket of Blood (1959)

It’s like riding a bicycle apparently,¹ though not very complicated to be sure. The weekend was ending, and I’d managed to corral my other interests (comics, primarily!), only to find myself with a mere hour or so before I’d intended on crawling into bed for the upcoming work week. My original plan (Melville’s L’armée des ombres) […]

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蜘蛛巣城 (Kumonosu-jō, lit. “Spider Web Castle”) [Throne of Blood] (1957)

As always, the title was changed in translation: "Kumonosu-jō" actually translates to "Spider's Web Castle," the given name of the castle in the film. It's probably criminal to some, but at this point I'm more familiar–in terms of what I have experienced–with the work of Akira Kurosawa than I am with the work of William […]

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The Killing (1956)

As someone who has more interest in character than spectacle or plot and ideas than visuals as a general rule (but of course not an exclusive one), Stanley Kubrick is an unusual director for me. Obviously many people love the man’s work dearly, and I certainly put in my hands and vote for the original […]

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Pat and Mike (1952)

It was by pure chance that I happened upon this one, merely acquiring it as part of a “buy one get one” type deal to decrease the cost of Robert Redford’s Quiz Show, but trusting in Cukor and the reputations of Tracy and Hepburn, especially the two of them together, though Tracy was the only […]

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Peter Pan (1953)

Like most people for–gosh, I don’t know, the last few decades, maybe?–I grew up seeing many a Disney film. I saw an awful lot of them an awful lot of times. A number of those famous, over-sized clamshell VHS cases occupied my parents’ home and made VHS shelving difficult. I loved most of them without […]

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The Night of the Hunter (1955)

A film like this suffers a lot from its age–not dating, mind you, but that so many references have been made that it’s difficult to see past those connections one might gain from a viewing of those homages, references and so on. This is always frustrating for me as someone very interested in film, interested […]

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The Wild One (1953)

Being as it was Marlon Brando’s role in Apocalypse Now that originally so killed the pacing of the movie for me, I originally had no real desire to track down On the Waterfront, A Streetcar Named Desire or this film. I remember reading a MAD parody once, called The Wheeled One, but that’s about the […]

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The Young Lions (1958)

I was not sure what to expect of this movie, other than knowing it was long, which I tend to dread inherently, because I do force myself through every movie (OK, so sometimes I’ll wander off and do other things and basically ignore it, but still) and being stuck with a lame movie for three […]

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