A Hard Day’s Night (1964)

The Beatles become a more and more curious subject as time goes on, especially in the circles I run in. I grew up listening to them, and never thought a thing of judging their music. I always liked it, which is no surprise if one knows that the 1968 animated film Yellow Submarine is one […]

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The Hustler (1961)

On a search for my last ex-girlfriend’s first alcohol purchase, we stumbled across the Newman’s Own Cabernet Sauvignon. Or rather, I did. I endorsed this repeatedly (as red wine is the only alcohol I happily drink) until she gave in. I noted the quality (for the value, at the least) to folks and was told […]

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The Lion in Winter (1968)

In high school, I had a class I can only loosely refer to as “world history,” notorious both for its lacking “world” element (unless of course one doesn’t feel the East is important–at all) and its lacking instructor (we skipped the Industrial Revolution because and I quote, he “[doesn’t] like it.” If this is reason […]

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if…. (1968)

FOR THE CURIOUS: This film review is about two weeks late. I watched it two weeks ago, and simply haven’t gotten around to the review until now. A lesser window exists for the reviews to follow (The Toxic Avenger, an old favourite, and Saved!–oft-recommended and up my alley of interest) NOTE: For once, I give […]

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The Professionals (1966)

I have seen this movie floating around stores for some time now, and until recently categorized it as “western” and then ignored it. Yes, friends, I, too, was one of those people who said “Eugh, westerns? No thanks!” with nary a gander at their actual qualities or failings. I used to find the endless brown […]

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A Man for All Seasons (1966)

I’ve seen my handful of 60’s period films, plenty dealing with English monarchs, and something always rubs me wrong about the production design. Somehow the costuming always ends up looking like a well-budgeted high school production to me. I’m not sure if the clothes are too clean–how is that possible for a monarch anyway? surely […]

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Mr. Sardonicus (1961)

Apparently unintentionally giving myself some kind of theme of renowned classic horror producers (well, well-known ones at least…) I've now dabbled in the work of William Castle, a man known less for making quality films out of low budgets than for using an endless string of strange gimmicks and threats to the audience about the […]

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