The Gambler (1974)

When asked how I feel about non-fiction–something that oddly happens more often now working in the field of IT than it ever did while working for five-and-a-half years in a bookstore–I always have the strange answer that my small shelves of non-fiction have a handful of charismatic scientists (Feynman, Sagan), tons of witty journalist Jon […]

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The October Project, Day 10: The Legacy (1978)

I feel as though it says something when a movie’s trailer likes to linger–repeatedly, no less!–on the film’s poster. It’s kind of an odd thing to do, though in this case I can’t blame them too much–it’s a pretty great (if surreal and confusing) poster. Maggie Walsh (Katharine Ross) and Pete Danner (Sam Elliott) are called […]

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The October Project, Day 5: Black Christmas (1974)

My Christmas movie list is deliberately asinine–Gremlins, Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Scrooged, basically (though, to be honest, I rarely make it to many, if any, of them every year). I thought about adding this last year, but failed at all of them (I think), and it joined the thankfully now-stagnant pile of unwatched stuff. However, for this […]

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The October Project: Week 1

As a part of my love of horror and the fact that it’s Halloween, largely accepted in Western culture (or at least American) as the best time for horror, I’m watching a horror movie per day in the month. So far, it has been thoroughly successful, thankfully, though we’ll see how it gets once work […]

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The Crazies (1973)

Of George A. Romero’s 16-feature-length filmography, I’ve seen 14 of them and own just as many¹. By 2007, I owned most of those–the exceptions are the then-unreleased (at all!) Diary of the Dead and The Dark Half (thanks, largely, to my overall disinterest in Stephen King). Day of the Dead (in Anchor Bay’s 2-disc “Divimax” format) was […]

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The Legend of Hell House (1973)

“How did it end?” “If it had ended, we would not be here.” In some circles, Richard Matheson is a highly-praised name. However, those circles are often the same who bemoan the fate of his novels in film translation. Those circles tend to be small, being as few could identify the author behind The Last […]

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The French Connection (1971)

On a message board I used to wander daily, there were a number of action film fans, and the subject of the best car chase ever filmed often came up. Naturally this was often down to some famous contenders, and two titles in particular tended to stick in my mind, being some of the most […]

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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

I’m always a sucker for any film at least three decades old that receives some kind of special features-heavy DVD release, if it looks like the studio behind it really put their backs into moving things onto the discs. If I’ve heard of the film, I’ll probably pick it up if the fancy edition drops […]

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Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

Some have called it one of the worst films ever made, and a Pulitzer Prize winning writer called it a masterpiece. I couldn’t remember why I had vague notions of dislike attached to the movie–dislike from others, I mean–until I started wandering around trying to find out why. It wasn’t hard; a lot of people […]

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The Long Goodbye (1973)

Robert Altman usually inspires a lot of confidence in more “independent” movie-watchers, and is often a bit off-putting for many “regular” movie-watchers. I know my father was in the group of people who cannot stand Altman’s habit of over-lapping dialogue. As someone who is often filtering conversations in and out (one might call it eavesdropping […]

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