Hospital Massacre [aka X-Ray] (1982)

There was a double feature at Half-Price Books that I noticed matched two films (this one and Schizoid, which stars Klaus Kinski¹) under the Scream Factory label. Scream Factory being an imprint of Shout! Factory, the mostly-movies distribution company that once splintered off the music-focused Rhino. Scream/Shout! released the version of Pumpkinhead I watched earlier today, as […]

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Pumpkinhead (1988)

Everyone loves a good tale of vengeance. It’s behind movies like Point Blank and its re-titled remake Payback, or John Wick, or that 70’s subgenre of questionable taste, “rape-revenge”. Park Chan-Wook’s “Vengeance” trilogy and a number of others are also high in the realms of “tales of vengeance”, but take another tack: while the first set is about […]

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Night of the Creeps (1986)

It’s probably a bad sign when you keep having that movie recommended, and your response is to finally buy it after ten years, put it on a shelf, ignore it, eventually buy it in a different format and then finally watch it because this time you felt like, y’know, two unwatched purchases is getting a […]

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House (1986)¹

It was some time ago that I saw that Arrow Video had released a box set of the first two House movies, those being House itself and House II: The Second Story (yes, that is basically the best sequel title ever written). It was a conflicted moment: Blu-ray only, absurdly overdone (and perhaps overpriced, at 79.99), but two movies […]

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The Last Unicorn (1982)

I’ve had memories of this one in such an ingrained fashion that I couldn’t actually tell you when I first saw it. I can certainly tell you of the moment I recall walking out of the daycare I went to as a child, and seeing the last moments again, I think, though I’m not sure, […]

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Vernon, Florida (1981)

I’ve had a stack of DVDs collecting dust for nigh on a decade now, some of which have finally seen the light of day as I falteringly revisit my movie-reviewing past. Some I discovered the Criterion Collection had actually acquired the rights to and released themselves. This past August, I took most of those titles–many […]

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Atlantic City (1980)

Defiance of expectation. I’d say that’s the basis of appreciation of a piece of art, but there’s too much to be found in satisfaction of expectation. Still, it’s the basis for a kind of appreciation, naturally the more surprising variety, or at least unexpected. All of us go in to movies or music with the […]

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Le Grand Bleu [The Big Blue] (1988)

Luc Besson's name is most strongly associated with films he made in the 1990s, specifically Léon (known as The Professional in many non-snob American film circles) and The Fifth Element. To a lesser extent, there's also Nikita (aka La Femme Nikita) which spawned a lesser-known television series. Besson's name is attached to many projects, often […]

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