Freaked (1993)

What if the third Bill and Ted movie was made by Troma with input from team behind Killer Tomatoes Strike Back? You’d probably get something that…vaguely resembles Freaked. Ricky Coogin (Alex Winter) is a shallow, egocentric movie star, and his best buddy Ernie (Michael Stoyanov) fly to South America on the dime of company E.E.S. to advertise […]

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The Fan (1996)

I felt a colossal idiot one day when watching an interview with Tony Scott and thinking, "Gosh, he has the same sort of dialect as Ridley Sco–oh, crap. Of course." Not my proudest moment, to be sure. Still, it gave my brain purchase to help along my appreciation for Tony Scott as a director. It's […]

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American Beauty (1999)

I've seen seven Best Picture winners in theatres before they actually won, but this is the one that was at a point where I was starting pay attention to movies yet still didn't care, worry or know enough about the politics of them to wonder or debate whether they might become Best Picture winners. I […]

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Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

How did this start again? Was it when I read Brian Aldiss' novel? Or did I read that because I read about the movie? To be sure, a strong impetus behind my decision to view it (and debatably behind reading the book it is based on) is the presence of INXS' late vocalist Michael Hutchence. […]

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Point Break (1991)

Other than the fact that it has remained a sort of cult favourite of its own accord, I think Hot Fuzz is easily responsible for much (if any?) resurgence this film has seen in the last few years. I know my interest was re-ignited some time ago when I discovered Kathryn Bigelow had directed it, […]

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Total Recall (1990)

When I was younger and this had come out, it was forever “the movie with the woman with three breasts.” Most jokes made about it these days seem to reference this, too (or maybe they were just the only ones I got prior to seeing it…), though there was also the Fangoria cover that showed […]

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