Topsy-Turvy (1999)

I actually started watching this film close to a month ago, but got distracted–then, after a month of working weekends and a determination to read myself back up to and then through Jo Nesbø’s Snømannen (aka The Snowman) prior to the theatrical adaptation’s release in a week,¹ I finally returned to it. It had already taken me somewhat […]

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Mifune Sidste Sang [Mifune, lit. “Mifune’s Last Song”] (1999)

“A dazzling post-modern screwball romance!” “A classic tale of moral comeuppance and sexual redemption.” These are the pull quotes adorning the case of this movie. They are not accurate. I’m cautious in meting out a word like misogynistic, but this film is deeply that. At multiple moments I was very close to turning it off. […]

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

I was first introduced to this movie at the home of a high school crush during a kind of party; it was played at first to rapt attention, then, somewhere around Dr. Gonzo’s chosen method of “enjoying” “White Rabbit”, I know that at least my attention thoroughly waned: I felt the scene was interminable, and […]

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Freaked (1993)

What if the third Bill and Ted movie was made by Troma with input from team behind Killer Tomatoes Strike Back? You’d probably get something that…vaguely resembles Freaked. Ricky Coogin (Alex Winter) is a shallow, egocentric movie star, and his best buddy Ernie (Michael Stoyanov) fly to South America on the dime of company E.E.S. to advertise […]

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The October Project, Day 7: Brainscan (1994)

First off: this one was delayed by, well, a four-hour drive to a concert and a four-hour drive back. Plus, it’s Wednesday, which meant endless socializing over new comic books. Still, I said “per day”, not on day, and I am still in a good place to catch up. One more Coheed and Cambria concert […]

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Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999)

“…’Night Nurse’? You read that?” “Nope. I just like the cover.” On the face of it, and from the title, it’s hard to figure out whether to be excited or horrified by a movie like Ghost Dog. It’s Jim Jarmusch, which means any number of things, and it’s Forest Whitaker, which means a number of different things, and a […]

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縱橫四海 (Zong heng si hai) [Once a Thief, lit. “Criss-Cross Over Four Seas”] (1991)

I haven’t actually seen many John Woo movies. I own Hard-Boiled, sure, but I’ve never seen A Better Tomorrow or The Killer or even, as I hoped for a bit while it was in a local theatre, Red Cliff. But this one, being less well-known, I was able to pick up at a serious discount […]

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The Fan (1996)

I felt a colossal idiot one day when watching an interview with Tony Scott and thinking, "Gosh, he has the same sort of dialect as Ridley Sco–oh, crap. Of course." Not my proudest moment, to be sure. Still, it gave my brain purchase to help along my appreciation for Tony Scott as a director. It's […]

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American Beauty (1999)

I've seen seven Best Picture winners in theatres before they actually won, but this is the one that was at a point where I was starting pay attention to movies yet still didn't care, worry or know enough about the politics of them to wonder or debate whether they might become Best Picture winners. I […]

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Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

How did this start again? Was it when I read Brian Aldiss' novel? Or did I read that because I read about the movie? To be sure, a strong impetus behind my decision to view it (and debatably behind reading the book it is based on) is the presence of INXS' late vocalist Michael Hutchence. […]

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