Couldn’t Be Without One

I grew up with what I later learned was supposed to be a trick: many a VHS lined the walls of our home near the TV and VCR, and one of those tapes contained exactly two movies, one of which was of primary interest to me–that movie was the animated 1986 Transformers: the Movie. But, preceding […]

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The Tune (1992)

I was introduced to Bill Plympton’s animation style in college, with just a handful of shorts, not including (oddly enough) the Oscar-nominated Your Face (I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen it, though I could be wrong). 25 Ways to Quit Smoking I definitely saw and found endearingly absurd and prettily animated. Having a best friend […]

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The Adventures of Mark Twain (1986)

At one point in time, all anyone had to do to get me to watch a movie was to say "stop-motion." I've always loved stop-motion animation, from the day I recall seeing an ad for a California Raisins special to the year (third grade, I believe? maybe fourth) that I convinced my mother to make […]

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The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986)

I'd ask if someone could explain this wholly illogical title, but I doubt anyone cares. Why is the title illogical? Well, the "new generation" is, in fact, the OLD generation. What's that you say? A Care Bears movie is confusing you? My life is complete! But, no. We begin the film with two new characters […]

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The Care Bears Movie (1985)

Well, this is the film I am most mercilessly mocked for owning, but, yes, I do, and unashamedly so. I could easily hide behind the easy shield of nostalgia, for I did certainly first see this film in my youth, but the truth is I still do just enjoy it well enough. No, one can't […]

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The Soldier’s Tale [l’Histoire du Soldat] (1984)

This DVD sat on my wishlist…well…I’ve been pursuing it since I discovered it existed two years ago. It was one of the first things I tried to order at work once I moved to Borders. I found the film as I had put in a tape of things from TV at one point and fell […]

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