I Don’t Need to Kill Anyone, to Let ‘Em Know I Am for Real

After an art crawl last night in Boone, which led to the acquisition of a copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse, Rampage, and an expansion for Legendary (guess I know what games we’re playing my last night at work!), I’m headed out to Winston today for a free in-store Whigs show (woo!).

I’m going to check out the other stores up there that I’ve never seen, despite the fact that, financially, this is probably the worst idea in the world.

Whigs are a good time, and I like the store, and it means just getting right in there for the new album–it’s largely such a pointless waste to even try right now, located where I am, that I don’t keep up like I once did. I mean, it’s obviously a big change from being in the place where I could buy them to work, but also from being a short drive from any.