Scanners (1981)

My recollection of this film is hazy, though I know I watched it on a Sunday immediately after church (yes, really–back when I used to attend as a youth) and kept falling asleep over and over throughout. As such, my retrospective remembrance was that the film was slow an intolerably boring. Still, it’s a David […]

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Rabid (1977)

Early films by directors I admire seems to be the order of the day, at least so far. My impressions of Cronenberg have been wildly varied over the years, having seen most of his iconic films and even seeing the last two, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises, in theatres. I watched Scanners and […]

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eXistenZ (1999)

I often spend time watching movies thinking about what to write in the review afterward (it can often take me a half hour or more as is, so I like to have something in mind, even if it’s disparate chunks to be assembled later–not that I don’t end up incoherent anyway) and I spent part […]

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A History of Violence (2005)

My father’s review: “Weird little movie…” That said, here’s how mine starts: Every review I read before I saw this movie tried really hard to skirt around a central part of it plotwise, and in so doing basically ruined said plot point. So, if you haven’t seen this, consider my review this: “It’s good. See […]

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The Dead Zone (1983)

In case it wasn't clear from the fact that recently I reviewed two *other* Stephen King-based movies, I bought a Stephen King adaptation box set recently. This was widely considered the best film in the set, and I'm not surprised considering the talent involved. Johnny Smith (Christopher Walken) is a schoolteacher in love with a […]

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