Gone Girl (2014)

I’m sure I’ve said it before, at least in person to individuals if not on here, but I’m a complete sucker for interesting packaging. More to the point, on some level, I actually really hate Blu-ray packaging. I actually really like that electric blue, but I don’t like that it interferes with any art it’s […]

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Panic Room (2002)

The last thing I was told about this movie was to spare myself and not watch it. I took this with a pinch of salt large enough it fit my hand–after all, this is the work of David Fincher, operating on a script from David Koepp. And yes, Koepp wrote the clumsy script for The […]

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The Social Network (2010)

  There are two overriding passions in my life: music and movies. Of late, the former has taken precedent over the latter. I’m not even entirely sure this review will come to anything; the thought has been less than motivating of late. Still, the thing that often drives me is the conflict surrounding a film. […]

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The Game (1997)

Allegedly based on the real-life puzzle/treasure hunt that has been held annually for 36 years in San Francisco and Seattle, this film bears little resemblance to the descriptions I’ve read of those games. I grabbed it mostly because it was a David Fincher film, but also for a reason I prefer not to–shall we say–elucidate […]

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Fight Club (1999)

Ugh. I’m absolutely fine with reviewing this, but I know I’ll be lost in a swarm of lukewarm thought and a stew of “This movie is so badass!!1” and people quoting the movie like their life depended on it. Like many films, this one has suffered and slogged through not its own shortcomings but that […]

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AlienĀ³ (1992)

NOTE: This review refers to the “Special Edition” or “Assembly Cut” A dangerous film to deal with for everyone–director David Fincher (yes, of Fight Club and Se7en, I’m surprised sometimes how many people older than myself with interest in the Alien and in Fincher don’t know this) disowned it so thoroughly he didn’t even involve […]

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