Broken Flowers (2005)

What?! More Jim Jarmusch!? Yes, ‘fraid so. Though it’s colour this time! I could swear this is the Jarmusch that I once read someone simply but profanely put down after its first showing (at Cannes, or some such place), yet now I can find no record of the quote (which I could swear that I […]

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Dead Man (1995)

I’ve seen a few odd Jim Jarmusch films before (Stranger Than Paradise, Coffee and Cigarettes and Down by Law, basically) but not yet Ghost Dog or Broken Flowers, the former I await the Criterion release of, the latter simply waiting in the ‘to-be-watched’ pile that continues to grow to ever-increasing quantity. This one, however, was […]

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Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)

Ah, Jim Jarmusch. Indie indie indie. My first Jarmusch film was Stranger Than Paradise which was…peculiar to say the least. When you’re dealing with pauses in action that last minutes upon minutes upon minutes and entail little more than watching a character watch tv, or sit there bored. I mean, it kind of rubs off. […]

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