U-Turn (1997)

I once saw about the middle third, maybe even half, of this film by chance and was sucked in pretty quickly. I felt a queasy unease and distaste throughout what I saw as everyone backstabbed, doubled back, double crossed, screwed over, lied to and generally stomped all over every other soul in the movie–whether it […]

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Talk Radio (1988)

I picked this one up primarily because it was an Oliver Stone film though the presence of John C. McGinley was intriguing, as well as Alec Baldwin and Michael Wincott. Ellen Greene was a bonus as soon as my brain finally connected who she was. I had no idea what the plot was (except that […]

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The Doors (1991)

Rock biopics are a mixed bag. Isn’t that how reviews of all of these movies start? And then something about them being dramatizations that all of the real people complain about, or how it’s “just like a documentary” or “so-and-so ‘BECOMES’ Rock God X” or how it encapsulates the “spirit” of the band, or even […]

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