The Long Goodbye (1973)

Robert Altman usually inspires a lot of confidence in more “independent” movie-watchers, and is often a bit off-putting for many “regular” movie-watchers. I know my father was in the group of people who cannot stand Altman’s habit of over-lapping dialogue. As someone who is often filtering conversations in and out (one might call it eavesdropping […]

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Popeye (1980)

It’s strange the things we readily accept as children. A sailor with bloated forearms who becomes super-strong after eating a canned vegetable? This made sense to us? Yet, there we were, thinking nothing of it. Talking animals are one thing, but this is something else again, I feel. Seeing it depicted in live action really […]

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M*A*S*H (1970)

I seem to recall finding myself vaguely surprised when I discovered the television show that would occasionally wander across my home television was based on a movie with–no! One of my favourite actors?! Then discovering it was the work of Robert Altman nearly broke my brain. I knew, at least, that it was certainly going […]

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Gosford Park (2001)

This one sort of slipped under my radar because in 2001 I certainly didn’t know the name Robert Altman, and I was still not actively pursuing straight-dramas or dry, subtle comedies. It stayed under because my mother watched it and was not impressed. Later, though, I reconsidered upon knowing the name Altman (despite the misgivings […]

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