Freaked (1993)

What if the third Bill and Ted movie was made by Troma with input from team behind Killer Tomatoes Strike Back? You’d probably get something that…vaguely resembles Freaked. Ricky Coogin (Alex Winter) is a shallow, egocentric movie star, and his best buddy Ernie (Michael Stoyanov) fly to South America on the dime of company E.E.S. to advertise […]

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The Fan (1996)

I felt a colossal idiot one day when watching an interview with Tony Scott and thinking, "Gosh, he has the same sort of dialect as Ridley Sco–oh, crap. Of course." Not my proudest moment, to be sure. Still, it gave my brain purchase to help along my appreciation for Tony Scott as a director. It's […]

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Frankenstein Unbound (1990)

How did this start again? Was it when I read Brian Aldiss' novel? Or did I read that because I read about the movie? To be sure, a strong impetus behind my decision to view it (and debatably behind reading the book it is based on) is the presence of INXS' late vocalist Michael Hutchence. […]

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The French Connection (1971)

On a message board I used to wander daily, there were a number of action film fans, and the subject of the best car chase ever filmed often came up. Naturally this was often down to some famous contenders, and two titles in particular tended to stick in my mind, being some of the most […]

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Fiddler on the Roof (1971)

I’m always a sucker for any film at least three decades old that receives some kind of special features-heavy DVD release, if it looks like the studio behind it really put their backs into moving things onto the discs. If I’ve heard of the film, I’ll probably pick it up if the fancy edition drops […]

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First Blood [aka Rambo] (1982)

Rambo is now a veritable cultural institution, the name given to any one-man army in action films, or anyone who thinks they are one in reality. A cartoon, action figures, four movies, cultural references down to (my favourite) Gizmo the mogwai in Gremlins 2, who dons a headband and makes a bow from a butterfly […]

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Fight Club (1999)

Ugh. I’m absolutely fine with reviewing this, but I know I’ll be lost in a swarm of lukewarm thought and a stew of “This movie is so badass!!1” and people quoting the movie like their life depended on it. Like many films, this one has suffered and slogged through not its own shortcomings but that […]

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