Under Suspicion (2000)

"The Box." That was the name of the interrogation room in NBC’s Homicide: Life on the Streets. It was featured in an episode entitled "Three Men and Adena," where Detectives Pembleton and Bayliss go after the man they most strongly suspect of the murder of Adena Watson, with a twelve hour time limit, during which they […]

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U-Turn (1997)

I once saw about the middle third, maybe even half, of this film by chance and was sucked in pretty quickly. I felt a queasy unease and distaste throughout what I saw as everyone backstabbed, doubled back, double crossed, screwed over, lied to and generally stomped all over every other soul in the movie–whether it […]

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Under the Cherry Moon (1986)

Sandwiched between the massive hit Purple Rain in 1984 and the ho-hum sequel Graffiti Bridge in 1990 is Prince's "other film"–Under the Cherry Moon. I'm not completely convinced, but I'm pretty sure this film is the most derided of all three–with Purple Rain usually appreciated for the music, on a camp level and on a […]

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