The 7th Victim (1943)

The very last of the Val Lewton/RKO horror cycle–not chronologically, but the last for me to see–and one paired, on DVD, with a documentary on Val Lewton instead of another one of his movies (a rather interesting documentary with horror experts of the non-fiction writing kind and the more modern director and writer kind–Romero, Dante, […]

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Cat People (1942)

The most famous Val Lewton picture overall I do believe, and one that has suffered ruination in my past–some documentaries saying "Watch now, this tense scene from Val Lewton's Cat People…" This is one of the most frustrating ways to see anything, as you cannot regain the surprise of context for films, which is part […]

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Bedlam (1946)

Running on my excitement from Isle of the Dead last night, I decided to finish off the film it was paired with on Warner's release of Val Lewton's films, this one: Bedlam. As you might expect by now, this is far from a standard horror film. However, somewhat strangely, this isn't a horror film at […]

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Isle of the Dead (1945)

I wandered away from the Val Lewton box set over the past weeks (well, I wandered away from watching films in general, but this in particular) and I'm not sure why, considering how pleased I was with all the ones I've seen so far. Still, it's what I did and that's that. I decided to […]

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The Body Snatcher (1945)

I tend more toward the middle period of filmed horror (the 70s and 80s) than I do toward both the classic and the recent variety, but as with film in general, I've begun to at least expand backward. Delving into the RKO pictures that Val Lewton produced has been a very satisfying approach to this, […]

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I Walked with a Zombie (1943)

Strangely, despite the fact that Val Lewton seemed to have a tendency to avoid the rather silly, exploitative titles that RKO would give him when actually producing the films they were to name, this line is actually in the movie. It feels just slightly uncomfortable, but, as usual, Lewton and cohorts have put together a […]

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The Ghost Ship (1943)

Yeah, I'm still going in strange order on Lewton's films, but I think this is reasonably understandable, as it is the companion film to my previous viewing (The Leopard Man) in terms of disc placement in the Val Lewton horror box set. Despite the title, there are no ghosts, hints of ghosts, suspicion of ghosts […]

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The Leopard Man (1943)

Once again I'm going about introducing myself to someone all wrong. I often start from seemingly random movies, and often just have things backwards, but knowingly. One would expect that on purchasing a Val Lewton horror boxset, my first film would be The Cat People. One would also think I would view it before the […]

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