I’ll Never Let You Down

  I’ve been organizing my music the past few days, and listening to records (finally!) with a focus on the ones I haven’t listened to yet (of course!), and yesterday I put on Al Kooper’s You Never Really Know Who Your Friends Are, which I bought in Atlanta last year in October (if that sounds bad, […]

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Hew Time

Inspired by Max Roach’s M’Boom, Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse, The Black Heart Procession, The Shins) leads Dale Crover (Melvins, some pre-Grohl Nirvana, occasionally fill-in for Dave Lombardo for Fantômas) and Coady Willis (also Melvins, Dead Low Tide, The Murder City Devils) in an instrumental and somewhat experimental record. If you know more than one of […]

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Ah, What Words?

I’m listening to Robert Allen’s Jazz Jackrabbit soundtrack right now (man, that was a killer set of low-rez music!), so I haven’t fun words to fill a title. I also don’t have the experience of seeing the Whigs up close and frighteningly personal: vehicular troubles meant they had to cancel–but that did mean I walked away […]

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And here we have the record haul from Record Store Day: The top row is all new, but not exclusive. The next row is all used, the next is all exclusives, as is the final and then the 10″s. The 7″s are thus: new, exclusive, used. There’s one other used single that I forgot to […]

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