2014 Music (That I Actually Heard)


Ryan Adams – Ryan Adams (Vinyl, CD), 1984¹ (Digital), Jacksonville¹ (Digital), Vampires¹ (Vinyl/Digital), Gimme Something Good¹ (Vinyl)

Algernon Doll – Omphalic (Digital)

Aphex Twin – Syro (Vinyl, CD)

At The Gates – At War with Reality (Vinyl, CD)

Atmosphere – Southsiders (CD), Lake Nokomis (Vinyl)

Bill Baird – Diamond Eyepatch (Cassette[!], Digital)

The Black Keys – Turn Blue (CD)

Bleachers – Strange Desire (CD)

Braid – No Coast (Vinyl, CD)

Carcass – Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel (Vinyl, CD)

Darkest Hour – Darkest Hour (CD)

Davenport Cabinet – Damned Renegades (Vinyl, CD)

Dessa – Parts of Speech Re-Edited (Digital)

Die Nerven – Fun (Vinyl)

Drive-By Truckers – English Oceans (CD)

Eels – The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett (CD)

The Faint – Doom Abuse (Vinyl)

Foo Fighters – Sonic Highways (CD)

Hew Time – Hew Time (Vinyl)

John Howie, Jr. and the Rosewood Bluff – Everything Except Goodbye (CD)

Lazer/Wulf – The Beast of Left and Right (Vinyl)

Manchester Orchestra – Cope (CD), Hope (CD)

Mastodon – Once More ‘Round the Sun (CD)

Mictlan, Mike – Hella Frreal (CD)

Minus the Bear – Lost Loves (Vinyl, CD)

Mogwai – Rave Tapes (Vinyl, CD), Bad Magician 3¹ (Vinyl), Tell Everybody That I Love Them¹ (Vinyl)

The Murder City Devils – The White Ghost Has Blood on Its Hands Again (Vinyl)

Negativland – It’s All in Your Head (CD)

OK Go – Hungry Ghosts (CD)

Owls – Two (CD)

Pere Ubu – Carnival of Souls (CD)

Pianos Become the Teeth – Keep You (CD)

Poor Things – Poor Things (Digital)

Pronto Mama – Niche Market² (Digital)

J. Robbins – Abandoned Mansions (Digital)

Sims – Field Notes (CD)

Solids – Blame Confusion (Vinyl, CD)

St. Paul and the Broken Bones – Half the City (CD)

Survival Knife – Loose Power (CD)

Sylvan Esso – Sylvan Esso (Vinyl, CD)

They Might Be Giants – “Oh, I don’t know. You must be thinking of some other band.”

Tobacco – Ultima II Massage (Vinyl, CD)

Transit – Joyride (Vinyl, CD)

The Twilight Sad – Nobody Wants to Be Here and Nobody Wants to Leave (Vinyl, CD)

Dean Wareham – Dean Wareham (Vinyl, CD)

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Unravelling (CD)

Weerd Science – Red Light Juliet Broadcast 2: Steady Straight Lights/Sudden Dark Turns

The Whigs – Modern Creation (Vinyl, CD)

White, Jack – Lazaretto (CD)

Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter (CD)


Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts

The Coathangers/These Arms Are Snakes


¹Single/7” EP



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