Hospital Massacre [aka X-Ray] (1982)

There was a double feature at Half-Price Books that I noticed matched two films (this one and Schizoid, which stars Klaus Kinski¹) under the Scream Factory label. Scream Factory being an imprint of Shout! Factory, the mostly-movies distribution company that once splintered off the music-focused Rhino. Scream/Shout! released the version of Pumpkinhead I watched earlier today, as […]

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Pumpkinhead (1988)

Everyone loves a good tale of vengeance. It’s behind movies like Point Blank and its re-titled remake Payback, or John Wick, or that 70’s subgenre of questionable taste, “rape-revenge”. Park Chan-Wook’s “Vengeance” trilogy and a number of others are also high in the realms of “tales of vengeance”, but take another tack: while the first set is about […]

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Atomic Blonde (2017)

I was hitting the theatres pretty hard shortly before this one came out, so I did see the trailer for it a number of times. The trailer’s usage of 80’s pop was intriguing to someone like me, and Charlize Theron and James McAvoy being badass and/or ridiculous also seemed like something worth taking the time […]

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Dunkirk (2017)

One of the last 2017 Best Picture Nominees I’d seriously considered watching but (until now, of course) didn’t. I was a bit more on the fence because, while I can’t exactly discount the notion of war movies in general with a “Been there, done that” attitude that doesn’t smack of hypocrisy considering my feelings on […]

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Harlan Ellison (1934-2018)

I must have felt something. Well, no: I was simply doing what I’m prone to doing anyway–this weekend, in a few odd trips to the bookstores around town (amongst record and comic shops, of course), I picked up a couple more Harlan Ellison books: Ellison Wonderland and Angry Candy. I’ve picked up a number of books here […]

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Some Overactive¹ Thoughts on “Soul Brother #1” (Luke Cage’s Season 2 Opener)

This isn’t a review of the season, or even the episode. It is commentary on it, because I was trying to watch it and got distracted a number of times. Usually “distracted” means “unengaged” with a touch of “something was more interesting” when people mention it with regards to viewing–but that actually wasn’t the case […]

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So…Why Not Talk?

An Introduction… This is a known pet peeve of mine. No, not morphsuited people grasping the jaws of theatre patrons–incessant jawing within said theatres. Don’t get me wrong: I was 13 once, and a complete asshole.¹ Certainly I recall obnoxious jokes and tittering with friends during the Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition screening I attended, though […]

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House II: The Second Story (1987)

While, in the end, I like the original House a lot more, House 2 was the movie that introduced me to the series, if I have my memories in order. Certainly, the images of Gramps and “Bippy” have stuck with me well enough that I’m prone to conflating the images of Gramps, Slim Razor, and “The Judge” from […]

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Lola (1961)

I was reminded before a viewing of Marathon Man (bear with me now) that I had purchased the Criterion “Essential Jacques Demy” set, when the pre-show reel contained a small featurette on why the Alamo Drafthouse recommends musicals, which showed bits of, I believe it was, Demy’s Umbrellas of Cherbourg and also The Young Girls of Rochefort. This […]

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