Black Panther: World of Wakanda

Holy shit this was bad. There’s really no other way to open this. There’s a boatload of problems: Ta-Nehisi Coates’s tendency to only reluctantly explain things in the primary Black Panther is inverted for some embarrassingly clumsy dialogue that explains “too much” and an unexpected return of thought balloons, to make us think they never could […]

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Ka-Zar (1997)

Mark Waid came into town a while ago. He gave an entire presentation at a local university and did a Q&A, then later went to a local shop and did a signing. I’ve got my copies of Kingdom Come and his Captain America run signed, amongst many other bits and pieces (like Empire!). I always liked most […]

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Lady Bird (2017)

I don’t get this whim often; most of the time, when I see a movie in a theatre, I toy with the idea of coming home and reviewing it–I mean, you don’t write 350 movie reviews that on average probably 0-1 people read (depending on how you choose to address non-integers) unless you like doing […]

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Song to Song (2017)

I didn’t know this existed. Gosling’s face drew me toward it, then the rest of the cast kept my interest long enough to see the director. And be extremely confused, then, by the cover art (see poster included here). I was going to make a snarky comment about how this was ‘practically back-to-back’ for Malick–the […]

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新・座頭市物語 (Shin Zatōichi monogatari) [New Tale of Zatoichi] (1963)

And suddenly we’re in colour. Don’t know that I expected that less than a year since the original, and only three movies in. I can only guess–maybe I’ll confirm (or deny!) later–that the first films were made as simple and low budget ones that exceeded expectations and justified a jump to more expensive stock and cameras. […]

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続・座頭市物語 (Zoku Zatōichi Monogatari) [The Tale of Zatoichi Continues] (1962)

Woah, what an ending. I’ve been too distracted to continue with the Zatoichi series that I started watching a little while ago, but I’ve hit it back up with my short night and found myself into the rapidly produced sequel to the original. How rapidly? Six months to the day after the original was released. Dang. I’m not […]

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Lord of the Flies (1963)

Lord of the Flies is one of those classic novels that eluded me. Not that I wasn’t aware of it–I worked in a bookstore for five and a half years, after all–but never particularly considered reading it. I didn’t even particularly seek out the film–I found a reasonably priced copy of the Criterion, which is […]

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Annihilation: Conquest [Part 2 – Wraith, Nova #4-12, Annihilation: Conquest #1-6] (2008)

In the aftermath of Annihilation, I abandoned the Marvel cosmic universe. Admittedly, I wasn’t steadily reading comics in general at the time, but certain events, once chronicled in the etchings of the web at large¹ made it clear how I felt about those books. As such, I never really followed the adventures of the characters revivified […]

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