Her (2013)

Rather interestingly to me–and presumably to no one else–I actually had no idea how acclaimed this movie was when I found it in a bargain bin and noticed “A Spike Jonze Love Story” and decided it was an easy call. I have a great affection for Adaptation. and I’ve remained curious about Being John Malkovich but the presence of […]

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Krampus (2015)

There’s a sort of set of horror films I try desperately to avoid. There are a few types of horror movies I avoid: the truly bad kind (that people only like ironically, or with post-modern post-irony: “I find the failure born of hubris endearing”), the bad kind some think are okay because the effects are […]

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Babylon A.D. [French Cut] (2008)

I seem to recall that reviews of this were not great, but that it perhaps developed a cult following–I could be wrong. Still, director Mathieu Kassovitz has a good reputation, given Crimson Rivers and La Haine (which Criterion has a release of. That I also have.). Vin Diesel’s often credited with rising a bit above the pulp […]

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Kingsman: The Secret Service (2015)

I was aware of the existence of Mark Millar/Dave Gibbons’s The Secret Service, but I didn’t know Kingsman was an adaptation of it (despite the subtitle being the same title–it’s not the most obscure phrase, after all). Actually, I didn’t even know Kingsman was a movie until I saw a trailer for the sequel, The Golden Circle. I was mostly […]

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Dark Star (1974)

This must be the weirdest chunk of gap in my viewing experience. Well, was? In any case: I’ve an affection for the blinking suspenders and Coke bottle-glasses’d grumpy cantankerousness of late-era Dan O’Bannon, and I deeply love Alien and Return of the Living Dead, and I definitely enjoyed Dead & Buried as well. I’ve seen the vast majority […]

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The Blockhouse (1973)

From the halcyon days of frequenting the store Big Lots for $3 DVDs with Leonard Maltin film guide in hand¹ before I had a smartphone, this one was actually not recommended by him, but the intrigue of a dramatic role for Peter Sellers–master of comedy that the Pink Panther series told me he was (and Dr. Strangelove certainly sealed)–and […]

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Sorry to Bother You (2018)

The trailer for this movie only gives you a hint of this movie. The first half of this movie only gives you a hint of this movie. The poster–yeah, that one over there–tells you next to nothing about this movie. The trailer, though, is exactly what intrigued me about this one. It had some Kaufman-esque¹ elements […]

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