Lola (1961)

I was reminded before a viewing of Marathon Man (bear with me now) that I had purchased the Criterion “Essential Jacques Demy” set, when the pre-show reel contained a small featurette on why the Alamo Drafthouse recommends musicals, which showed bits of, I believe it was, Demy’s Umbrellas of Cherbourg and also The Young Girls of Rochefort. This […]

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新・座頭市物語 (Shin Zatōichi monogatari) [New Tale of Zatoichi] (1963)

And suddenly we’re in colour. Don’t know that I expected that less than a year since the original, and only three movies in. I can only guess–maybe I’ll confirm (or deny!) later–that the first films were made as simple and low budget ones that exceeded expectations and justified a jump to more expensive stock and cameras. […]

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続・座頭市物語 (Zoku Zatōichi Monogatari) [The Tale of Zatoichi Continues] (1962)

Woah, what an ending. I’ve been too distracted to continue with the Zatoichi series that I started watching a little while ago, but I’ve hit it back up with my short night and found myself into the rapidly produced sequel to the original. How rapidly? Six months to the day after the original was released. Dang. I’m not […]

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Lord of the Flies (1963)

Lord of the Flies is one of those classic novels that eluded me. Not that I wasn’t aware of it–I worked in a bookstore for five and a half years, after all–but never particularly considered reading it. I didn’t even particularly seek out the film–I found a reasonably priced copy of the Criterion, which is […]

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座頭市物語 (Zatoichi monotogari) [The Tale of Zatoichi] (1962)

So far as I can tell, the archetypal “blind person who’s actually incredibly lethal, but intensely gentle and humble” was originated, or at least most emphatically popularized, with the series of stories about Zatoichi told across 26+ films (plus, because there are spin-offs, reboots…), and a one hundred episode TV series. I remember bumping into Blind […]

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Barefoot in the Park (1967)

I’m prone to anachronism of taste, this is nothing like a secret. Despite being born midway through them, my affection for the 1980s (both in music and in film, even as I delve deeper into the recesses, corners, nooks, crannies, and antechambers of each) is well-known. That’s not too far off, though: I was at […]

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Head (1968)

This is the original poster, by the way–or at least some variation on it. The obvious stars and draws (the Monkees!) aren’t on it. That’s kind of appropriate here. I saw this, largely in pieces, earlier in life, on a recorded video alongside other movies, as I often did in those days. I was increasingly […]

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Seconds (1966)

I don’t recall the specifics, but my father introduced me to this movie–perhaps he was watching it at the time, or perhaps he’d just purchased it. Either way, I recall gathering the concept and Frankenheimer’s involvement and deciding that I would wait to watch it until I had my own copy of it. I immediately […]

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