Secret Empire (2017)

Much as I am not (generally) prone to reviewing recent theatrical movies, I’m also not terribly prone to reviewing current comics (though, for a time, I did talk about them). As with the exceptions there, I don’t expect this to be more than exception either. Still, when not simply writing about things because those things are a […]

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“YES! I Came Up With That Line!”

Delays, delays–excuses would be mostly that, so I’ll spare you. Light-ish week this week… All-New Ghost Rider #7 Armor Hunters #4 (of 4) Harbinger: Omegas #2 (of 3) Magneto #10 New Warriors #10 X-O Manowar #29 All-New Ghost Rider #7 This book has been peculiar from the outset: wild, inventive Tradd Moore art, with scripting […]

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Who Is This America Dem Speak of Today?

Yes! It’s Thursday! This week: Archer & Armstrong #24 Armor Hunters #3 [Didn’t arrive at my shop. Expected next week. Bummer.] Captain Marvel (v8) #6 Nightcrawler (vIDunno)#5 Spider-Man 2099 (v2) #2 Unity #10 X #16 First, the one that, for story reasons, I was most looking forward to (and thus clearing a publisher in one shot!): X #16. I blasted through […]

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