Daft Punk’s Electroma (2006)

I developed a pretty sincere affection for electronic music in high school and college, mostly centered around the Warp-school of electronic–“IDM”, as it’s often called, typically somewhat experimental and unusual. I could never quite get a handle on trance, house, and other dance-oriented forms of electronic: repetition was often intrinsic, and more insistent than it […]

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Los Cronocrímenes [Timecrimes] (2007)

I vaguely recall hearing this name associated with director Ignacio “Nacho” Vigalondo, but considering how confused I was about what movies he was known for, I’m not even sure what that all amounts to, other than possibly an invented memory. Vigalondo was most recently responsible for Colossal, which I did like, but I don’t know that […]

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Ali [Director’s Cut] (2001)

Probably the simplest first point to make is this: I never saw the theatrical cut of Ali. It is my habit, though, to acknowledge the cut of the film I watch if it is something other than the one most would (presumably) have seen, as I think it’s important and relevant to address the actual and specific […]

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The October Project: Week 1

As a part of my love of horror and the fact that it’s Halloween, largely accepted in Western culture (or at least American) as the best time for horror, I’m watching a horror movie per day in the month. So far, it has been thoroughly successful, thankfully, though we’ll see how it gets once work […]

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Breakfast on Pluto (2005)

“If I wasn’t a transvestite terrorist, would you marry me?” I’ve neglected both (extensive) writing about movies and, generally–or, perhaps, specifically, in that I primarily mean my extensive DVD collection–watching them. This was my move to break that. Once upon a time, I kept a maximum number of movies unsealed out of the huge backlog […]

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Panic Room (2002)

The last thing I was told about this movie was to spare myself and not watch it. I took this with a pinch of salt large enough it fit my hand–after all, this is the work of David Fincher, operating on a script from David Koepp. And yes, Koepp wrote the clumsy script for The […]

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