Seconds (1966)

I don’t recall the specifics, but my father introduced me to this movie–perhaps he was watching it at the time, or perhaps he’d just purchased it. Either way, I recall gathering the concept and Frankenheimer’s involvement and deciding that I would wait to watch it until I had my own copy of it. I immediately […]

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Some Kind of Wonderful (1987)

Especially of late–considering he now IS late–much has been said of John Hughes. Or at least, I assume much as been said, as that's usually what follows the death of famous people, especially those with at least relatively cultish audiences. I don't pay a ton of attention so I can't really be sure. Still, I'm […]

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Sabotage (1936)

I still have 21 Hitchcock DVDs to watch, only 3 of which I’ve seen before, so I’m going to be quite fearful of repeating myself in some respects throughout this review, prior ones, and the ones to follow. I suppose some measure is inevitable, but I tend to write it off as reasonable in recognition […]

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Scanners (1981)

My recollection of this film is hazy, though I know I watched it on a Sunday immediately after church (yes, really–back when I used to attend as a youth) and kept falling asleep over and over throughout. As such, my retrospective remembrance was that the film was slow an intolerably boring. Still, it’s a David […]

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The Secret of NIMH (1982)

It’s interesting the way nostalgia and distant memory can so re-write plots of films, but more interestingly re-write the emphases of them. Often scenes we recall taking five minutes are incredibly brief, but were emotionally affecting to young minds. I don’t think I’ve seen The Secret of NIMH for over a decade, but I know […]

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Sleepers West (1941)

I’ve already reviewed two Michael Shayne Movies (Michael Shayne, Private Detective and The Man Who Wouldn’t Die), so my comments on the two remaining films (this one and Blue, White and Perfect) are going to be limited. Michael Shayne (Lloyd Nolan, as usual) returns for another caper, this time carrying a key witness in disguise […]

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Swimming with Sharks (1994)

I’m an absolute sucker for a certain type of packaging. My own personal lingo (to differentiate between different varieties) leaves me with the term “slipsleeve.” A number of people know how obsessive I am about these silly things (usually a slip of glossy or matted cardboard that replicates the cover art), but a certain type […]

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Sideways (2004)

This film sort of wandered by me, interesting for Paul Giamatti but otherwise unremarkable until it received numerous Oscar nominations and even won the won for adapted screenplay (with Giamatti oddly not nominated). I still wasn’t running after it, but did plan to pick it up if the right price wandered along, and so it […]

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Saved! (2004)

As someone with a strong interest in religion’s place in the public forum, in its nature and how it’s used and abused by people, especially in America, Saved! was a movie that did catch my interest in some respects. I was wary of it for the reason I’m wary of anything dealing with it–either it […]

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