The Defenders (2017)

Let’s clear something up straight away: I don’t plan on explicitly reviewing this. I don’t generally like reviewing television series, in that it often feels like something akin to the exhausting way I used to review music.¹ I’ve done it before to be sure, but, even then, I noted that it’s not something I like doing. […]

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Goliath (2016)

My inclination is generally not to review things like television series–not even one that’s self-contained into a generally delineated block like a miniseries. It’s a lot of ground to cover, a lot of hours, and an experience that relies heavily on the sequential knowledge  of the series itself and the obvious room for events to […]

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“Sir, you’re an expert on analysis, I can see you running scenarios in your head.”

Wow. Just…wow. That is a really, really terrible line of dialogue. It’s like “Show don’t tell” illustrated on purpose, only it wasn’t on purpose, it was just incredibly terrible dialogue. Wow. Wow. An “A” rating?! Are you on drugs AV Club? SERIOUS drugs? That said: throwaway references that add up to nothing–and let’s be clear, that’s nothing, […]

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Oh Baby You…You Got What I Need…

Another irrelevant heading to be honest. Mr. Markie is just running through my head from multiple sources. Anyway, I’ve been reading, of late, the AVClub’s reviews of Farscape, and randomly thinking of moments from throughout. As a life hint, do not dwell upon the last of The Peacekeeper Wars as you approach any kind of external […]

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On the nature of adaptation…

No, this isn’t a treatise on evolution. I haven’t even my mother’s (non-evolution-focused, hence “even”) biological doctorate, so I’d be beyond out of my depth on it. Anyway, of course, I’m referring to the adaptation of things like, well, comic books (okay, not “like” them, I mean “actually them”). I’m still watching Arrow, and the truth […]

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Agents of ???

Look, stop now. Stop and consider: I’m about to carelessly blow the lid off of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spoilers galore! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is unfathomable. I mean–that’s not entirely true. It’s like a catchy song you hate, or a tasty food that makes you feel like a terrible human being after eating it, questioning your decision to […]

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