Judgment Night (1993)

I randomly caught this film from about the middle about, oh, I don’t know 12-14 years ago when it first hit cable. I meant to see it from the beginning ever since. I don’t really know why–usually I am struck by the urge in such situations when someone says something that alludes to an interesting […]

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Just Before Dawn (1981)

I used to stumble back and forth through Best Buy's horror section looking for anything interesting I didn't own (ha! right!) until I gave up, but once in a great while some strange obscure special or collector's edition of a cult flick would suddenly (and rather inexplicably) show up and catch my eye. Once I […]

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地獄 (Jigoku) [Hell] (1960)

A random Criterion purchase that I forget my reasoning for acquiring; I vaguely recall that it was trying for their first tier pricing (29.99) for some reason at work, but I have no real idea. Might have just randomly done it. Anyway, I knew very little about it, I've got to say, except the title, […]

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Jackpot (2001)

What a weird little movie. No, not Tetsuo weird, but weird in a more, “Well, that was odd…” sort of fashion. I’m not sure what I think of the plot, but I know I liked the movie–that probably sounds insane, and maybe it even IS insane, but there you are. It stars Jon Gries who […]

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